Thursday, November 19, 2009

the year's almost over

My, my, my...where has the time gone? I guess it went here and there and everywhere. :) My last post was January of this year...where I believe I promised to keep up on it. Well, I didn't and now here I am trying to catch up. I do have a feeling I'll have quite a few more things to discuss in the next months, so this may be a frequent updated blog here on out. :)

My best friend had her second baby after 7 years of Braedon and named her Serynn. Very cute and very beautiful....

Then Dain and Katie move to Utah (not that it affected us much
since we don't see them anyway)...but a big change for them nonetheless.

Afterwards, Tara got married and we had a blast in KS for the wedding.....

I was promoted (yea!) but that meant long travel days ahead...spending every M-F in Park Ridge, NJ working on the new Advantage Integration project for the company we just purchased. Not too bad - close to NY - literaly a mile from the border! 20 minutes from the city...

Yea for me, but little did I know that the traveling and sleeping in a hotel room would get really old. Sure it had its perks (never had to clean the room, clean sheets whenever I wanted, food cooked whenever I wanted...) but I started to realize that I just wanted to be home to "touch feet" with Nathan under the blanket. :) Plus I miss my two adorable kitties: Butterfinger and Feelos. Then I found out that it was hard to maintain a workout plan, a social life, doing schoolwork, and volunteering with BBBS, just feeling overall stable was a challenge. I started trying to make excuses to be home - at least so I could be home on Thursday night instead of Friday nights....then I would make travel happen to other locations once in a while so I wouldn't get bored with the routine...Denver a few times, Orlando, and OKC...whatever I could do to "mix it up."

Then Nathan got a call, he finally got a donor for his knee! Surgery was on June 1, 2009....and so far, success! There was an inkling that thought it didn't work and the cartledge collapsed, but after another trip to Boston for another scope, it didn't and everything turned out great! While it's not a major organ transplant, it's still something he has had to go through for at least 15 years....So I'm happy for him that it's finally worked out!

All summer he grew a beard and refused to drink until he healed. Well we all know how long that lasted...only a month, but it was still a month! Good for him...:)

We both struggled through our third year residency, but we made it. Boy will we be glad when we are done. This will have been a long 3.5 years of additional schooling that really wasn't needed! Lol! We are supposed to finish in Aug 2010...with an actual grad date of May 2011 if we want to walk. Just missed it! :(

Jon came to visit for Nathan's birthday - we had a great time in DC and at the gay bars. Nathan loved his surprise visit!

Nathan got laid off after his scope in Sept and was laid off in Oct from Chrysler Financial...we were very excited about that (ironic, I know), but we were because he finally could breathe again without having to worry about "losing his job". But we all know it had nothing to do with him, just that the company is going under. Right afterwards he received a wonderful job offer from a company called ATI - which apparently does a lot of the testing for nursing students. Different, but so far he likes it. :)

I went home to visit before heading to OKC for work (it's nice when work pays for your flights because you travel to your office). So after flying from NJ to KC, I was able to visit my buddy Sarah and see her pregnancy progress herself. Isn't she adorable! She's having a girl!

Found out that Ana had a little boy, a few weeks early due to medical reasons, but still cute, nonetheless! He's a little sweetie and I got to take pictures with him too!

Visited my nephew Alex and Niece Bailey....too cute!

Going home for Crystal's wedding (Dec 11 -13) and don't have any pictures of that yet, but will soon. Also headed to Colorado to visit Sterling and Amy for the weekend (Nov 20-23) ....pretty excited to see them as well. They want to ski...we'll see how well that will work out for everyone....Otherwise, we'll be headed back to KS for xmas to see everyone. We are so very excited to be able to spend lots of time with family and friends (Dec 23-Jan 3).

Hopefully there will be more news to report soon...