Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Being born "Tristan Cash" is a pretty neat thing...just ask him, Tristan will tell you. It's been 3.5 months since my little monkey was born and despite what I originally worried about, I truly and honestly LOVE being a mother. He is just the cutest, sweetest little man. When he wakes up in the morning, he is lively, squeal-y, and smiles so big at everything that I say to him. I cannot believe that he is such a happy morning person since both Nathan and I are grumpy (for the most part) when we have to wake up.....we would just like to sleep and sleep and sleep.

As for this has been a pretty busy year of travels for us all, but should slow down for the next 6 least in regard to being home on the weekends. It seems like since Tristan was born (May 23rd, 2010) we've been traveling so much - whether for work or pleasure. It was also quite difficult to be on pretend "maternity leave" just to find myself working at all hours to try to keep up with my project. This eventually wore me down A LOT and made me very stressed out with school, work, and Tristan. (I had previously told Nathan that I would do all night feedings, etc while on leave so that he could sleep since he had to work. But that was a mistake since I was actually working and doing school work while juggling feedings, meetings, and sleep with Tristan.) But I learned a lot about myself and my ability to juggle what life throws at you....and I also know that I would never do that was just far too stressful.

So little T has been quite adventurous in his 3.5 months he's been in this world. First Aunt B came to visit and help out right after he was born. She was a lifesaver and I learned so much from her in the first few days from sleeping, to eating, to the proper way to breastfeed.

Then Aunt Naca and Serynn came to help out for the next week - which was a huge support to me since Nathan was gone for work that week. Danica has the best advice on how to soothe the baby and I also learned how to be patient when I felt tested by others. Wubbanubs and wet/dry bags rock!

Grammy flew back with Daddy and came to visit for a day and a half -Tristan was so excited to meet her and wished she could have stayed longer! Nathan received ARB/IRB approval to conduct his research! A major step in dissertation work....mine is still waiting on the approval process, but I hope to gain it in the next month or so...we'll see after this attempt. *crossing fingers* Congrats Nathan!!

We then headed on our first flight on July 3rd and Mommy did very well for not really knowing what to expect....Tristan was a trooper and did VERY well on the multi-segment 8 hour flight to Corpus...who knows why I booked that particular flight back in February...Tristan had his first swim on Mommy's birthday and LOVED it!! Aunt B met us there for Aunt Naca's Bridal shower by the ocean. We had a great time planning it and enjoyed our time with her family and friends in Corpus.

We then flew to KC so that little T could meet all of Mommy and Daddy's family and friends. Grandma was so excited to finally meet him! Aunt B let us use her house to invite everyone over to meet little T and he did great again with all of the new people who were passing him back and forth. He's such a trooper! My mom surprised us by showing everyone old baby pictures of me and my siblings...what surprised me was how much little T looked like me when I was a baby....I would have thought more like Nathan! Many people came to visit and meet little T and brought many gifts (which we appreciated - but didn't expect).

Tristan’s neck muscles have improved significantly and he loves to move his head around a lot. At this point, he was two months old and weighed 13 lbs ½ ounce at his checkup and received his shots – the first time Nathan got to experience the painful cry…just brings tears to my eyes. He has progressed so well that we bought him a Bumbo to sit and hang out with us and help improve his neck muscles even more. He loves it and “feels like he’s a big boy and involved with the grownups” when he sits in it. I am thinking of buying the tray that goes with it…

After another adventurous visit in August to Kansas, we had several weeks in a row of traveling again....Scary thing while at Aunt B’s…When Tristan woke up in the middle of the night, I was carrying him in the dark and tripped on my own luggage and fell forward while holding him – smacked directly into a wooden dresser and split my lip open on the inside and outside, bruised my left arm and got a bump on my forehead….and it all must of worked to protect him because he didn’t get one scratch (thankfully).

Tristan has started squealing, showing attitude, and just plain creating a personality for himself lately…while I love when he does it and it makes me laugh, I’m not sure I’m quite ready for him to have a two year old’s personality yet, but we’ll see how it progresses….

Grandma came to visit to help out by babysitting Tristan while we went to a charity event on a yacht in New York City. Grandma had an interesting time with Tristan visiting the museums and walking all over NYC. She even took him on the subway and a bus back to the hotel (even though she had plenty of cab money, lol). What doesn't detroy you makes you stronger, right? Well, hopefully we won't have to worry about "anything being destroyed" in the future if we have cab money...right mom? (It keeps me from worrying....I'm sure you understand.) I bet it was also nice experience for my mom to start learning how to take care of a new baby all over again. :)

So, after a nice dinner in the city, a hotel flick (that was still in the theatres), NY cheesecake, and leaving a whole suitcase full of clothes in the hotel room and not realizing it until we were all the way home, we realized that the NYC trip was eventful and very fun for each of us.

The next weekend was Colorado....we went to visit Amy, Sterling, and baby Colton - who by the way, is so incredibly adorable! Coupon mishaps caused the boys panic, but in the end everything was fine and hunky-dorey and we had a great weekend with great weather. Little Colton loves his Wubbanubs that we gave him since little T loves his monkey’s so much.

We go on nightly walks at 7pm with Tristan and put him in the Bjorn where he can see everything that’s going on in the world…we tell him all about the trees, the animals, the cars, the house….He loves it and we think it helps to wear him out for bedtime. Must be why he’s sleeping through the night most nights….He’s getting there…almost all the way there. I’m already fitting back into my skinny jeans, so hopefully if we can get the sleeping milestone down, (and get myself a little more toned) I’ll be feeling pretty good.

Labor Day weekend was the biggest adventure of all as we were stuck in traffic for many hours on the way to visit our friends in Vermont. It took us 15 hours there, when it should have only taken us 8 hours...We tried to keep Tristan as entertained as possible - mostly because we felt so bad that it was taking longer than we anticipated. But once we arrived, Vermont was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. With the Zalewski's house right on the lake, the breeze was so nice, but the lake water was a little too cold for Tristan...since he cried when Daddy stuck his little toes in it. So we kept him by the campfire instead. He loved visiting his first foreign country as we went to Montreal, Canada. Although it was a little windy, he enjoyed looking at all of the tall and unique buildings. Luckily, the ride home was only 9 hours - thanks to Daddy's speeding - I mean persistence. We are already making plans to go back to visit!

I love when Tristan lays down in bed with us to hang out and cuddle in the mornings....I generally don't do it, except on the weekends, when traveling, or the day I leave to travel for work...I just want to hug and kiss him all day long. He's too freaking cute!! Now we are heading back to KC again this weekend for a charity wine festival. We are so excited to see everyone again soon. Hopefully we’ll be able to see some of the people we normally don’t get to see and maybe some that Tristan still hasn’t gotten to meet yet. He’s so excited to come back and see all his favorite aunts and uncles, grandparents, and all of mommy and daddy’s friends…he is most interested in playing with all of his cousins. He misses them all. :)
Currently Tristan is 3.5 months old and his next check up and shots are Sept 24th...when he's 4 months old...We are guessing he's going to be about 16-17 lbs....he's not too chunky, but he definitely is long. I post when we complete the visit.

We are all looking for some downtime after this next trip to KC. We need some family time together…we are thinking of building a garden out of a section of our yard….we’ll see if we end up doing it. Having a child means he takes up all of our free time where we previously weren’t doing anything…

First Family Picture

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