Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well, I always said that I wouldn't ever decorate for any holiday because "it's just too much work for something I don't care that much about". Low and behold, I started with Halloween. While I didn't do anything too fancy, I did buy festive kitchen towels and a white ghost/lanturn for the front porch. I also said that I wouldn't ever have to buy anything for Tristan for any of the holidays because "he wouldn't really know anyway"...well, I didn't follow that one either. For the fourth of July I bought him a red, white, and blue jumper (too cute)...Now for Halloween I wanted the perfect costume. Something cute and original and nothing that anyone else had. So I made him into a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.....this was exhausting to do. It took a lot of hunting on the internet to find the right table mat, the right brown poms for the meatballs, the right bowl, and the right "spaghetti strings" from a mop. Most of the mops I searched had blue, yellow, or red threaded through it and I wanted all white. So after the long search for each piece of the costume, Nathan and I sewed and cut and sewed until everything was how I wanted it to look. The costume is perrrfeeect!!

Then comes Halloween...

Tristan wants nothing to do with the costume because it's too big, bulky, and he's just not used to it at all. Therefore, I didn't get the pictures I wanted (which is really the only reason I made it in the first place).

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I've already purchased his next outfit "I'm stuffed" onesie with a bib that says "I'm thankful for Mommy and Daddy". :)

Then there's xmas...I still haven't decided if or how I'm going to do anything...but I did order the stockings from Pottery Barn and they've already arrived.

Funny how he's changed my perspective. I just want to introduce him to everything fun and interesting!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Tristan got his second tooth last Friday (Oct 22nd) right before his 5 month birthday. Well...he then bit me so hard I gushed blood....oh the pains of doing the right thing for your child. I love him too much to not put up with the pain of breastfeeding. :) The dentist said that I should wait until 6 months to a year for his first I'll ask the ped to see what she says about it at his 6 month appointment. At this rate, he's getting a tooth per month....

On solids we've tried, carrots, beets, eggplant, avocado, eggs, peas, spinach, oatmeal, rice, green beans, potatoes (which he doesn't like), and we are working on some turnips for next week. I love that Tristan loves all kinds of veggies even though some of those I wouldn't eat myself! He has the right to try them and decide what he likes. Oh, and Daddy gave him sweet potatoes when I am in Denver - so I didn't get to see his reaction...but I'm sure he loved them!

Sitting up 'almost' on his own...I can't wait. He's so big and strong! Missing him while I'm in Denver. :(

Monday, October 11, 2010

susan g. komen breast cancer walk

I always do two charities a year, this one, and the Big Brother/Big Sister Bowl-A-Thon. So....I signed up again this year to do the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk. It's amazing to me how many people come out to support this event and many people raise so much money. My team alone raised over $20k!! Every year I attend, I have this overwhelming sensation when I see all of the people who are there to support and all of the survivors as well. It brings chills to my arms....

I talked Nathan into coming with me this year and so we brought Tristan as well. I went through so much trouble trying to find the cutest PINK outfit for him to wear....but all I could come up with were pink leg warmers and to put one of my Breast Cancer scarves around his head so he wouldn't get chilly. I also threw in some sunglasses for fun. It was so funnyhow many people said, "What a cute girl!" All we did is laugh and say thank you....What do you expect? He was wearing pink!!

We had a great time spending the morning supporting this walk, and Tristan fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn while we were walking. It was so funny!

We look forward to continuing to teach Tristan how to give to others in any way he can. Yea to his first charity event!!