Monday, October 11, 2010

susan g. komen breast cancer walk

I always do two charities a year, this one, and the Big Brother/Big Sister Bowl-A-Thon. So....I signed up again this year to do the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk. It's amazing to me how many people come out to support this event and many people raise so much money. My team alone raised over $20k!! Every year I attend, I have this overwhelming sensation when I see all of the people who are there to support and all of the survivors as well. It brings chills to my arms....

I talked Nathan into coming with me this year and so we brought Tristan as well. I went through so much trouble trying to find the cutest PINK outfit for him to wear....but all I could come up with were pink leg warmers and to put one of my Breast Cancer scarves around his head so he wouldn't get chilly. I also threw in some sunglasses for fun. It was so funnyhow many people said, "What a cute girl!" All we did is laugh and say thank you....What do you expect? He was wearing pink!!

We had a great time spending the morning supporting this walk, and Tristan fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn while we were walking. It was so funny!

We look forward to continuing to teach Tristan how to give to others in any way he can. Yea to his first charity event!!

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