Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Tristan got his second tooth last Friday (Oct 22nd) right before his 5 month birthday. Well...he then bit me so hard I gushed blood....oh the pains of doing the right thing for your child. I love him too much to not put up with the pain of breastfeeding. :) The dentist said that I should wait until 6 months to a year for his first appointment...so I'll ask the ped to see what she says about it at his 6 month appointment. At this rate, he's getting a tooth per month....

On solids we've tried, carrots, beets, eggplant, avocado, eggs, peas, spinach, oatmeal, rice, green beans, potatoes (which he doesn't like), and we are working on some turnips for next week. I love that Tristan loves all kinds of veggies even though some of those I wouldn't eat myself! He has the right to try them and decide what he likes. Oh, and Daddy gave him sweet potatoes when I am in Denver - so I didn't get to see his reaction...but I'm sure he loved them!

Sitting up 'almost' on his own...I can't wait. He's so big and strong! Missing him while I'm in Denver. :(

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