Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving break - 2010

What a wonderful Thanksgiving break. We took Tristan to get his 6 month pictures taken...and while the day started out horribly (by falling forward and cutting his lip with his tooth)...we ended the day with some fabulous pictures of Tristan and finally got some wonderful family pictures too!

We also were able to celebrate xmas with the Kems family - and that was so much fun! Tristan got to open his presents (when he wasn't eating them, of course) and had a great time seeing some of his cousins and aunts and uncles. They loved on him so much, he didn't know what to do!! He also got to love on Grandma Kems for the whole day!!
Look at this perfect pose!! Love it!!

Tristan and I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Davis until Thanksgiving and they enjoyed every bit of him. Tristan also enjoyed hanging out with his cousin Gideon to see what "big boys" do! While he was pretty rowdy and fussy the whole week because he had a cold....but then we found out Friday night that he actually cut a top tooth!! (Maybe we'll pay attention next time to why he's being fussy and realize it's his tooth.)

Tuesday night I got a night out with some of my favorite girls at the Cheesecake many great choices to choose from. I finally decided on the Adam's cheesecake because it had peanut butter and chocolate. Daddy watched Tristan that evening while I went out and took Tristan to see Grammy Walts during dinner.

Finally, after a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at the Davis house and wonderful pie at the Hill house, we headed back to Brooke's to hang out with her family for the evening.

Daddy took Tristan to the toy store the next day and he got to ride in the wagon around the store. I think we may need to buy him one since he liked it soooo much. I went shopping at Target for some special deals - well, Brooke was actually looking for some special deals and found her Shark for only $45!! Great deal!! That evening Tristan got to finally meet Jon. It was great to hang out with everyone that night while drinking up some wine!

KU/MU game was on Saturday morning. Boy was that tough game on KU..however, the company of the Hammerschmidt crew (Shane, Jacinda, Josh, and Chase) and Daniel was enough to make it fun for us all. Tristan dressed up in his finest KU collared onsie - popped the collar, red monkey pants, and sunglasses! We also spiked his hair - just because!

And.....Sally was born!! 9 lbs 12 oz and SOOOO beautiful!!