Monday, February 21, 2011

jan/feb 2011


It's a new year!! Many new things happening and loving every minute of it.

In early January we visited Kansas while Nathan had a work conference in KC all week. Tristan and I were able to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Davis in Ottawa!! He loved all the time he was able to spend with them and Gideon and Aunt Tara too! On January 2nd, we were priviledged to participate and enjoy Gideon's

first birthday party with him. We ended up being snowed in the following weekend that we were supposed to fly back to Baltimore, and that meant we were able to see Sterling, Amy and Colton because they flew into KC the evening we were supposed to fly out. A rare occasion - all three new baby boy cousins were in the same place at once. Pictures were taken of the three cousins!! So adorable!

Uncle Taylor, Aunt Misty, and Cousin Alex were so cordial to invite us over for tacos this week. It almost didn't look like we'd be able to make it work out with everyone's work schedules, but nonetheless, we did! If Tristan wasn't on such a rigid sleep schedule then we would've been able to stay and visit longer. Thanks for your advice on how to get him motivated to crawl. Looks like it worked perfectly! He's so into "not" wanting to crawl, but the army crawl is more of his style. He's not grasping how "this" can help him, lol. I'm sure he'll realize it soon enough though...he does plenty of walking from furniture to furniture though...maybe he just doesn't want to crawl.

Tristan and I were very excited to see the Kelley's and meet the three new little ones: Michael, Corrine, and Olivia. Wonderful little babies and so cuddley cute! I'm so overjoyed for the Kelley' it's nice to hear Anna actually call me Aunt Nana. :)

We were also able to attend baby Shay Hammerschmidt's baptism since the flight was delayed. We were very happy to be there and see everyone....hopefully they all were too! Tristan was excited to see all of his family that he doesn't normally get to see.

Nathan is now a doctor! He received full approval and the dean decided his dissertation and research was valid and signed off on it!! I'm SO proud of him!! I still, however, forget he's a doctor I NEVER forget what a wonderful father and husband he is. Love you cutie patootie!!

Aunt B and Uncle Daniel Waters were so inviting to, yet again, allow us to stay with them for a few days while in Lawrence. Steve and Sarah were also very gracious as four are the most generous people we know. And some of our favorite people to allow us to always to stay with you while we are in KS. You are very accommodating and put up with sick babies (thank you). We love you with all of our heart and soul - and ALWAYS will.

While with Grandma Kems and the Waters cousins, we made blue mohawk hair!! Love it!! I tried to talk Maverick into joining us, but she was adamently opposing. Maybe it had something to do with me??

Christine and Bailey came to live with us for a few months to help take care of Tristan while we tried to find much better day care accommodations for him. After the mean Kathy was fired....we moved much bigger and brighter things. :) He his now enrolled in a daycare school where he will have structured play and learning time. He is super excited to make some new friends.
Christine and Bailey were a delight to have for Jan and Feb. We always were learning something new about each other or Tristan and Christine was the best helper I could have asked for. I am so pr

oud of her ability to step up when asked and needed. When Jarrett came to visit, we took Bailey to get her ears pierced - this must be the reason why moms opt for piercing their children's ears early on. She SCREAMED and told us she didn't want the other ear pierced and everyone in Wal-mart heard her too. It came down to her having to be restrained just to get it done. I think she was more scared than hurt. So I decided to be the big bad wolf and hold her down. Hey, I'd rather her be mad at me for that then her mother. She doesn't have to see me all the time, but she does have to see her mother more frequently.

We also spent a lot of time at Port Discovery where Tristan can crawl everywhere, bang on drums, and Bailey can water paint and swish in the water park after shopping at the pretend "Royal Mart". We ju
st experienced VIP status last Sunday...we got to bypass the block long line because we are members instead of wanting general admission like the rest of the people. That, my friend, makes the membership well worth it!

Tristan and Bailey dressed
up for Sullivan's dinner night out for Valentine's day. Great idea Nathan...but perhaps a little much for these two. Dinners have to be quick and fast - not 2-3 hours. We still love the thought though. You are so generous! MUAH!

Tristan's Easter Basket Cover!! I can't wait until he has his first Easter Egg Hunt!!