Monday, October 31, 2011


I was so proud of the costume I made for Tristan last year ~ it was very original ~ spaghetti and meatballs. Ha! I remember grandpa didn't care too much for it. He told me that I should have dressed him up in a KU football or basketball outfit....noooo....he'll have plenty of time to do that when he gets to choose his outfits. I only get a few years to dress him up myself and am going to take full advantage of it. Nathan helped me this year though...he put a lot of thought into what he wanted Tristan to be and we searched for examples - a golfer! It was so fun looking for ideas and then we ran across an inexpensive outfit of a Scottish golfer! It was too cute that we couldn't pass it up. Nathan said he even proudly held his golf clubs this morning at school while his teachers took pictures. (We surely had a hard time getting him to do this when we were trying to capture our own pictures.) Anyway, he is such a ham sometimes when he tries to show off! They are to send me the pics this week, but I wanted to post the one we ended up getting.

Since I had to be in NY all week (starting on Sunday night) for work, I wasn't going to be able to take Tristan trick~or~treating this year. So we decided to take him to the mall to show him off and collect a small bag of goodies for him (us) to eat. We also took him to the "Halloween version" of Port Discovery before we went to the mall so that he could run around and play with the other children. I remember one costume that was TOO cute that a little boy was wearing. It was a sock monkey outfit and I just couldn't stop commenting as to how cute it was! Wish I would have gotten a picture...regardless, I think I'm going to go ahead and search for it on the web now....Happy Halloween all!

Tristan "surfing" at the Port Discovery water park.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I regularly take Tristan to the mall to play when the weather is bad. He loves to run all around the playground area and especially loves to throw pennies into the fountain. I'm pretty sure as often as we've allowed him to throw pennies into the fountain, we've probably contributed enough to fund the cleaning of the fountain ~ at least once. When we were at the mall on Friday night, Tristan saw the escalator and ran right up to it, walked right on the stair, proudly looked up and said YEA! He was excited to do it all by himself and "hop" onto it all by himself. I love that he understands that expression already. He should be proud of his accomplishments since he has so many already. ;)

My little bugger eating all of his yogurt with a spoon (and his hands too).

Monday, October 24, 2011

i love you!

These three words have a lot of meaning in our household. Nathan and I make a point to tell each other daily how much we love and care about each other. We also express our love endlessly to Tristan and have been since he was born. It's what keeps you going - knowing that those you love and care about also feel the same way. It's amazing how few people actually say these words in their family, with their children, their extended members, or with their friends. From timeless pieces such as Shakespeare to the modern day Romeo portrayed via the works of Nicholas Sparks, love is not only an expression of words, but an expression of actions and what you experience. This complex set of words can make or break a relationship, can pick you up when you are down, and can sometimes make you do anything for the one who tells you it. But the greatest thing about these words and is that I taught Tristan how to say them back in July. If I asked him to say "I love you", he would twirl his tongue in a convoluted way to ensure that what came out sounded like "I love you". I would solicit this phrase day and night - mostly because I loved how he actually says it. He also frequently comes up to both Nathan and I and gives us hugs or kisses - without us asking. He's a very lovable boy. But, this past weekend, we really felt the love when we told us he loved us ~ "I love you" ~ without us having ever having to ask.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

no, no, no!

This past week Tristan has definitely caught on to the word "no". Not sure where he learned it from, but I can only guess from daycare. Nathan and I try very hard to not use the word no when speaking with him and teaching him lessons, but to explain what he is or isn't supposed to do instead - that's why we aren't sure where he picked it up from. Either way, it's hilarious to hear him answer, "No, No, No!" I've just started saying "Yes, Yes, Yes" when he does this. Maybe it will help reinforce some positivity in his life, instead of focusing on the negative. :)

The weekend was funfilled with both a charity event on Sat for a local four year old little girl who lost her arm and legs due to a misdiagnoses of a broken arm that was set wrong and caused gangrene in the rest of her limbs. We showed up to support her family for such an important cause as she'll need replacement limbs every few years until she stops growing. Despite the reason for the event, Tristan thoroughly enjoyed the DJ that was playing all sorts of music he's never heard. He was on the dancefloor more than anyone else!

Sunday was Family Farm Day at the Zarahdka Farm where we get our weekly CSA. What a beautiful day it turned out to be! They had

so many treats and fun things to do - we didn't know where to begin or when to end! Just before we left, we also grabbed some homemade treats of strawberry and jalepeno jam, corn salsa, and homemade chicken noodle soup. YUM!

And of course, if you know Tristan, his favorite part was playing in the tractor!

Ms. Brea came to visit this last week and we had fun showing her around and catching up on all the fantastic details of her life. Friday night Christine and I took her to the famous Nacho Mama's in Canton Square to experience the wonderful tincan margarita. I am certain she thoroughly enjoyed the experience - as you can see from the picture.

Brea also toured DC in two days and captured a picture I always say I'm going to get and never seem to do. Rock Chalk! I was sad to see her go this morning. Until next time....

Monday, October 10, 2011

a, b, c's

This past weekend, Tristan was practicing his ABC's. When I would say a letter, he'd repeat it after me. F, M, N, V, and of course W are all difficult for him to say, but he certainly tried! My favorite is when he says C like ssssss (hiss sound). So adorable!

He's teething again with those back molars and I hope they come in soon. It certainly makes for a hard day for him and everyone else when he's not in a good mood. We tried to occupy him by taking him to the Rennassiance Festival in Annapolis this past weekend. He was not pleased with the unexpected two hour drive there (so many people trying to get there). We were already invested in the trip after an hour, that we just kept hoping for it to be "right around the corner". That, of course, didn't happen until about two hours into the trip. Once we got there, he was so overwhelmed and amazed by how many people were there, the elephants, the face painting, the turkey legs, and the funnel cakes! Rosa, Justin, and Christine were also there to join in on the fun of the day. He definitely enjoyed his time and was exhausted by the time we got home and laid him down.