Monday, October 10, 2011

a, b, c's

This past weekend, Tristan was practicing his ABC's. When I would say a letter, he'd repeat it after me. F, M, N, V, and of course W are all difficult for him to say, but he certainly tried! My favorite is when he says C like ssssss (hiss sound). So adorable!

He's teething again with those back molars and I hope they come in soon. It certainly makes for a hard day for him and everyone else when he's not in a good mood. We tried to occupy him by taking him to the Rennassiance Festival in Annapolis this past weekend. He was not pleased with the unexpected two hour drive there (so many people trying to get there). We were already invested in the trip after an hour, that we just kept hoping for it to be "right around the corner". That, of course, didn't happen until about two hours into the trip. Once we got there, he was so overwhelmed and amazed by how many people were there, the elephants, the face painting, the turkey legs, and the funnel cakes! Rosa, Justin, and Christine were also there to join in on the fun of the day. He definitely enjoyed his time and was exhausted by the time we got home and laid him down.

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