Sunday, October 30, 2011


I regularly take Tristan to the mall to play when the weather is bad. He loves to run all around the playground area and especially loves to throw pennies into the fountain. I'm pretty sure as often as we've allowed him to throw pennies into the fountain, we've probably contributed enough to fund the cleaning of the fountain ~ at least once. When we were at the mall on Friday night, Tristan saw the escalator and ran right up to it, walked right on the stair, proudly looked up and said YEA! He was excited to do it all by himself and "hop" onto it all by himself. I love that he understands that expression already. He should be proud of his accomplishments since he has so many already. ;)

My little bugger eating all of his yogurt with a spoon (and his hands too).

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  1. He is so cute!! I would have loved to see his expression "hopping" on to the escalator!