Monday, November 7, 2011



Tristan has recently discovered this word and has been saying it a lot lately. Usually he says it when he's carrying his "B" around and he twirls around with it and almost loses his balance....whoa, he says. Well, I'll tell you what, it's pretty cute. It's pretty cute that he understands the word and how to use it - especially when he's off balance. But when I was driving this past weekend with him in the car, I took a turn and he said whoa. Really? Did I take that turn too fast....I know Uncle Daniel and Nathan like to make fun of me quite often for my driving....but honestly, would my company really give me a company car if I didn't have a stellar driving record? Which I do, by the way. Of course they wouldn't. So I always dismiss their comments as just wanting to playfully poke at me about my driving....

However, it was at the very moment when I was driving over speed bumps that Tristan said whoa again that made me realize that he, indeed, thinks the same thing!! He is saying whoa because I'm going "off balance" with the car....I couldn't stop laughing when I realized that he, again, was using the word correctly. :)

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