Thursday, December 8, 2011

christmas in love

Christmas time is always a special time for family and loved ones. This was Tristan's second Christmas and although he may not have completely understood what was going on, he understood more at 19 months than he did at 7 months.

This year he helped put up and decorate the Christmas tree, hang the bright red wreath on the door, hang the stockings on the fireplace, and set out the door decorations for all of the closets in the house. Tristan especially loved the "Santa" and "Frosty" (that's what he calls every snowman he sees thanks to Uncle Sterling and Aunt Amy) that sat right next to the vase where he hides all of his crayons. (It's a decorative vase that Tristan started putting his crayons in this past summer so he could use at a later time.) Tristan knows Mommy's not a baker, so we didn't take part in any type of cookie baking or decorating activities ~ but Mommy will certainly do this for his experience in the next years to come. I bet he will really enjoy licking the bowl! I hear it's so much fun!

Next was shopping for gifts and stockings stuffers and then the wrapping of the gifts. Shopping was easy for Tristan. He just got to eat his popcorn while riding around in the shopping cart at Target with Mommy. He always says, "Tar-co". The stocking stuffers were the hardest this year. Since Grandma Kems and Uncle Daniel were coming to visit for Christmas, we had to think of extra special stocking stuffers to include in their stockings. Gift cards don't take up enough room and some items they needed were too big to stuff in there. Eventually we found some kitchen items at Bed Bath and Beyond and Michael's as well as some named ornaments, candy, and cooking spices from Giada for Target.

Tristan's Stocking
Now time for the wrapping of the gifts. Tristan loved tearing the paper apart while I was trying to tape it to the boxes...this made it a much more difficult process for me to complete. :) But when the wrapping paper was gone, he would pick up the cardboard tubes and play swords with Daddy and Feelos. Yes, he loved chasing Feelos around the house with the cardboard tubes and threatening to play swords with her too. We had to remove the tubes from his possession at this point since he didn't understand why Feelos couldn't play swords back with him like Daddy was able to.

Finally Christmas Eve arrives and Uncle Daniel and Grandma Kems are here to celebrate with everyone. So who was up at 6am on Christmas? Tristan of course! He doesn't even know what Christmas is and he's up at 6am....oh well. Coffee is made, breakfast is served, and now stockings are opened!! That was the fun part for everyone. We all went around in circles opening one stocking stuffer at a time (like we were opening gifts since we had to wait until after Skyping to open the gifts). Mommy received a lot of fun clothing accessories that Daddy took the time to find for her stocking, Daddy received his favorite horseradish sauce, peppered beef sick, iTunes gift cards, and more comfy tank tops. Tristan received the entire B car set from Target - too cute, Uncle Daniel and Grandma Kems received a variety of cooking spices and kitchen utensils as well as Starbucks gift cards (go figure, right?).

Ooo this lotion smells fab!

Uncle Daniel got a micro grater in his stocking!

Tristan wanted to smell it too!
Next we Skyped with Grandma and Pa Davis so they could watch while Tristan opened his gifts from them. They were so excited to be able to share this moment with him since they couldn't be here in person. You could feel the love right through the computer screen. :)
Yea! I finally have a car!

Grandma Kems and Uncle Daniel also enjoyed watching Tristan really experience his first Christmas. He was so excited with each gift that he ripped them all open and said, "Elmo?" and "Gro Gro" each time he saw his favorite characters. Thank you to all who thought of including him on your gift list. He truly loves each and every gift! Plus we recieved so many books (YEA!) - which is what we were hoping for since he loves to read and be read to.

Christmas day was filled with cooking dinner with the family and drinking Fragolino wine. Our dinner this year consisted of a meat, cheese, and cracker tray, roasted turkey with a pomegranite reduction sauce, pan cooked kale tossed with olive oil and cracked pepper, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, marbled bread stuffing with cranberries, buttery corn, fresh rolls, and the can 'o crap for Grandma Kems (cranberry sauce). Later that evening, we drove around and looked at all of the Christmas lights in town. Tristan kept saying, "Frosty!" "Santa!" everytime he saw a blow up Santa or snowman.



Feelos and Butterfinger were happy with their stocking as well!

Christmas truly is a time for family, and I am so glad that Tristan was able to share this day with so many who love him. Thank you all for making his Christmas special. 

Grandma Kems loving on Tristan!

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