Monday, December 19, 2011

daddy playing games

So Nathan started a random game with Tristan this past week...."Where's the Monkey?" I have no idea what it means or where it came from, but whenever he says it, Tristan seems to understand what's going on.

We were in Target (his favorite store by the way ~ mostly due to my influence) and Nathan said, "Tristan! Where's the Monkey?" Tristan started looking around, pulling up things from the cart to look under them, and moving various items to find the Monkey. What was he talking about? Apparently Tristan knew. What Monkey? Is it a code word for the popcorn he loves to hoard while shopping with Mommy through Target (two half bags so he can have one hand in each bag)? Is it an actual Monkey that Mommy has no idea where it came from? Or is it exactly what this blogger is saying? Monkey's are everywhere....

I heard this reference again today when we were on the couch watching Olivia.

Hmmmmm....Tristan! Where's the Monkey?

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