Saturday, December 3, 2011


Uneven bars!

We started Tristan in gymnastics this month. It's a little place in Ownings Mills called My Gym. He gets to run around and climb on bars, swing on unstable planks, and play in the ball pit.

His first day he was getting himself aclimated and exploring the entire gym. He even was able to do two handstands (with help)! I thought that was pretty impressive.

The second visit he was a little more "wild". He didn't want to sit in circle time to sing the songs - he only wanted to play in the ball pit. He didn't want to jump on the trampoline - he only wanted to play in the ball pit. He did, however, like the uneven bars. Mr. Dan helped him up and he did two flips on them and kept his hands on the bars the entire time! As a previous gymnast, I was very proud. :)

Zip lining
Jump! Jump!
Next we tried the balance beam...he walked a few steps, heard the music, stopped, and then started dancing to the beats ~ right on the balance beam. He didn't want to balance anymore, he only wanted to dance! What a cutie!

Look at that face....

I can do this!
Daddy helping cross the monkey bars.

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