Saturday, December 3, 2011

miami for the holidays

It's big!
Ahhh, Miami! So beautiful! The Marriott Oceana Palms could not be a lovelier place to stay for four nights while visiting Miami and West Palm Beach.

Uncle Daniel met us in Baltimore since he had a layover. Unfortunately, he didn't check in fast enough, so he was stuck in the back row and not close to us at all. Who was excited to see him? Tristan of course!! He kept saying, "Uncle Dannn-eee-all!" It was especially cute when we landed in WPB, Tristan stood up in his seat and turned towards the back of the plane to find Uncle Daniel and kept yelling out to get his attention, "Dannn-eee-all, Dannn-eee-all!, Dannn-eee-all!, Dannn-eee-all!, Dannn-eee-all!" over and over again. So adorable!

I'm with Uncle Daniel
We loved the Marriott Villa we stayed in right on beach with an ocean view. It had two bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and even a laundry room! It was so awesome to be able to cook all of our meals right there in the Villa too. Tristan loved the resort playground and kid's club. Here's a picture of him kissing Daddy through the jungle gym hole.

Kissing Daddy!
We spent the next four days relaxing by the pool, taking morning walks on the beach, cooking some fabulous meals, and enjoying our time together - especially the nights with wine on the ocean front balcony. La Bella Vita!

Morning walk on the beach.

Look! I'm in an eagle's nest!

One day we took Tristan to the Palm Beach Zoo and he loved the water fountain more than the animals! He decided at one point to stand in the Bald Eagle Nest above!

It was such a beautiful day that we let him run around in the fountain and have fun. But Tristan didn't just run into the fountain and drown himself in fun. No, he tip-toed through the fountain sprays like a ninja waiting for his enemy. He wanted to step on the water at JUST the right time! Heee-yah! I'm going for it Mommy!

We headed home for a Christmas Eve celebration with my mom and Daniel early Saturday morning. As Tristan says to everything, "Bye, bye, Gro, Gro" (Bye Grover) as we left the beach resort for home.

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