Saturday, December 3, 2011

potty training

Wow! Potty training! Who knew this would be so much fun? ~ sarcasm ~

Research, research, research....that's how I have felt most of my life since initially finding out I was pregnant with Tristan. I can admit that I know nothing about anything new that is supposed to happen with Tristan and so I research, research, research. Internet, books, and advice from friends and family are always sought out when learning to tackle a new phase in Tristan's life. Potty training is no different.

One website that has been very helpful, is the following: How to Potty Train Boys It provides a step by step guide on potty training all types of children including both sexes, those with special needs, toddlers, babies, twins, divorced parents, and even provides various methods and tips for success. Yea! This will be easy, right?

First step is to introduce the potty to Tristan for two weeks. This was done through the purchase of his own potty chair ~ preferably one that actually resembles the toilet instead of one that looks like a car or a Disney castle. We also started incorporating the book Potty Time in with our nightly story time routine. He really likes this book!

The next step is to spend an entire day having Tristan go to the bathroom on his potty chair. This day was designated for December 18th, but....I'm not so sure we'll be able to introduce the new routine to him quite yet. I think I'll have more trouble than anticipated....he's barely acknowledging his potty chair in the first place, much less willing to sit on it.

So the next step that all the literature advises?

Be patient. Don't force it. Be positive. Reinforce the behaviors we want.

This is what we'll be doing until the time is right to have the BIG day. I just hope he acknowledges the little potty chair before his second birthday....we'll keep practicing, that's all we can do, right?

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