Wednesday, December 28, 2011

what does uncle daniel do?

Every day while riding home from daycare, we go through a list of educational items for Tristan to repeat back to us. One of our favorite ones to play is when we repeat back the animal sounds from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You Hear book ~ thanks Aunt B.

One day before our Miami trip, Nathan and I decided to come up with something for Tristan to learn about Uncle Daniel. We repeated and repeated so that when we showed Uncle Daniel how smart Tristan was for knowing all of his sounds, he would be so proud. We practiced and practiced and then on the way from the airport to the Villa, we said, "Uncle Daniel, look what Tristan can do!"

Tristan, what does a....
...kitty cat sound like?  Meaowah, meaowah.

...doggy sound like? Ur-Rouf! Rouf!

...boa constrictor sound like? ssssssssss

....Milly (a cow from Milly Waits for the Mail)? Merrrrrahhh. (Yes, I know everyone wants to say that he should be saying "moo", but cows don't say "moo", they say "merrrr".

...bumblebee sound like? bah-zzzzzz-ah!

...chicken sound like? Pa-cock!

...bear do? Ger-rah! (With arms in the air as he pretends to act like a bear).

...lion do? Roooorah!

....Uncle Daniel do? Blu-ahh! (making a funny noise blowing his tongue between his lips).

Uncle Daniel turned around laughing at Tristan because he wasn't expecting him to do that. Too cute!

Now Uncle Daniel is trying to teach Tristan ~ What does Mommy do? ~ I'm trying to nix this one early. :)

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