Wednesday, January 25, 2012

first dentist appointment

Yesterday I took Tristan to his first dentist appointment. Boy was this a fun experience! Aside from him having all of his teeth now, I started noticing he had a thin black line across all of his front teeth. Could he, in fact, be turning into a blueberry from all of those fresh blueberries we feed him? Perhaps that's what his teeth were telling us. So, I made the appointment for Tuesday late morning and prepared myself to have to watch Tristan and Bailey while working...this should be fun. I could have taken him to the daycare and then picked him up, taken him to the dentist, and then taken him back to daycare, but it didn't seem like it was worth it - until the day was over and I was exhausted. Here's a recap of the day's events:

Breakfast ~ Tristan and Bailey are eating breakfast at the table. Tristan keeps yelling, "Choc-late! Choc-late! Choc-late! Choc-late!" over and over again. My mistake to leave a bowl of candy in the center of the dining table on the table runner. "No, you can't have chocolate for breakfast." Choc-late? Choc-late!" I ignore his requests. Not even sure where he learned that word. Hmmmm.

I run upstairs for a few minutes to change my clothes and get ready for the day and when I come back downstairs, Tristan has pulled the table runner towards him, the vase with flowers has yogurt finger prints all over it, and he has eaten a few chocolates already. Really? "Bailey, do you know how he did this?" "What? I didn't see anything" and continues to play.

I clean up Tristan and I put them both in the living room to play while I work at my desk. All I kept hearing this morning was, "Tristan, leave me alone! Tristan, don't do that! Tristan, stop it!" Tristan is always trying to take toys from Bailey or grab onto her and play rough like he does with Daddy. Hmmmm.

I give them different toys to play with and go back to my desk to work. Everything is going fine and then I hear a loud crash! Great! I run to the front door stairs and Tristan has fallen down the stairs, landed on the ceramic tiles, tears flowing, and his toy car (the kind he rides) is on top of him. Bailey was no where in site. I picked him up and he quickly was fine. For the type of fall, I would have thought he would have cried for a much longer time...."Bailey! Did you see what happened?" "No, Aunt Nana, I didn't." Okay, great. Based on the evidence I came up with two assumptions: (1) Tristan tried to carry his car down the stairs while he was walking down the stairs or (2) the more likely cause, Tristan was trying to drive his car down the stairs. Hmmmm. So I remind Tristan to be careful and it's not safe to try to drive the car down the stairs.

Tristan and Bailey stay upstairs to play while I continue to work. About 15 minutes later, I hear Bailey start crying really loudly. What now? I run upstairs to find my son having cornered Bailey and is tormenting her by pulling her hair. Really? You are going to be that person? I told him no and that's not nice and for him to hug and kiss and tell Bailey sorry. He did, but I don't know when he'll stop being mean to her. I don't know if it's jealously or that she doesn't stick up for herself, but either way, we are not going to tolerate that type of behavior in our house. No sir! I put him in time out and he cried, but then went onto to play again after time out. Why do these things happen? It's so sad and I hope he learns from this quickly.

After the rescue, I came back upstairs to change his diaper. Do you have to go potty, "Uh-huh". Okay. (Someday this potty training thing will work.) So I change his diaper and get him dressed for the dentist appointment. After he gets dressed, he grabs the talking postcard from Grandma Kems and starts saying, "Gam-mah, Gam-mah, Gam-mah!" while twirling around in a circle before plopping on his bottom. He kept giggling over and over again. Probably because he knew he could say Grandma this whole time, but was slyly keeping it from us. This was the first time he had said it since this summer without being prompted.

We load up in the car - two car seats, snacks, and toys all for a ride to Target and then to the dentist. I had about 45 minutes to spare and they were losing their interest in being inside, so I took them to Target to pick up some more apple juice and bowls for our cabinet. (I just bought some new dinnerware and they didn't have all the pieces I needed at one Target, so I have to always look at other Targets to get the rest of the pieces so I have the entire set. I should have just gone with another company, or another set, but those Target gift cards from Christmas were too easy to use for this newly developed need.) We get to Target, split the popcorn into two bags so they could share, and headed to the food section. The only apple juice they have is some Tropicana type juice that's on sale. The man looked at me and said, "What kind are you looking for?" I said, "An organic brand." He looked through his pallets and pulled out the only other brand which was Simple Apple. I told him this was a much better choice than the Tropicana and I'll take that one. Then onto the bowls. They had the 6 other bowls we needed, but only 2 of the cereal bowls. Looks like I'll have to venture to another Target at another time to finish the set. Just need 6 more of the cereal bowls for the complete set.

"Fish?" Where do you see fish? "Fish?" as he points to the goldfish treats in the aisle. Really? You just had popcorn. These fish are only for special times....So I purchase them in anticipation of a horrible dentist visit.

Now onto the dentist. We arrive and there's a huge play area and playhouse that Bailey and Tristan LOVE. They are running around, playing with each other, being goof balls - all while we wait for our dentist visit. Then I hear a loud thud! I look up from my blackberry (I'm working remember?), and find Bailey at the bottom of the slide in tears because she fell down the slide. I rush to her side and make sure she's okay, and she said, "No." I asked her if we need to go to the hospital then, and she said, "No, I'm okay." She gets up and starts playing again. I see the raffle drawing at the counter to enter to win a movie night out....we could use one of those.....I need to fill out that form so we can enter the drawing.

We head back to the dentist office and she sits with us to discuss "our needs". I explain to her that I think my son is turning into a blueberry and that his teeth are stained from all that he eats. Tristan won't sit still in my arms, keeps squirming, and won't even pay attention to the "movie" they put on for the kids to watch while the parents speak with the dentist. She tells me that's he's probably going to scream, he's probably going to cry, and not to worry, nothing she's doing is hurting him, so I need to keep holding him down. Am I ready? Haha, yes, I am.

We get to the chair and the dentist tells Bailey to sit in the dentist chair and watch the movie with the headphones. She looks at me like she doesn't believe that she's not the one who will be getting worked on. I said, "No, Tristan will be sitting in my lap over here. You can sit in the big chair and watch the movie." On go the headphones and she's now oblivious to the world around her.

I lay Tristan down on my lap and hold his arms. The dentist starts cleaning his teeth and talking to me as if his screams and cries aren't even occurring. I try to pay attention to her while I see what she's doing and continue to hold the struggling Tristan. Thankfully the stain comes right off. The dentist finishes up and explains that his Poly-vi-sol may also play a role because of the iron in it. I told her I'll start putting it in his food instead of giving it straight to him in hopes to eliminate the stain in the future. I guess he didn't really turn into a blueberry, but nonetheless, we are going to take more precautions when feeding him all of these healthy foods. I already have decided to eliminate the organic acai juice that he drinks daily since it's just as dark as the blueberries.

We head home and I feed them (I forgot the enter the drawing) and then put them both down for a nap. I head back to my desk to start working again and I remember feeling a sigh of relief that I couldn't believe it was actually silent. I was exhausted.

After they wake up, Bailey and Tristan get in the fridge for a snack. Tristan grabs the blueberries and Bailey says, "Tristan, you can't have blueberries!" So he bites her arm. She screams. Seriously? I grab him, tell him no sir. That's not nice. You don't bite people. You tell Bailey you are sorry for hurting her and give her a hug. He does and then heads to time out. I really hope this doesn't last much longer.

Later that evening when Nathan returned home, we dropped Christine to pick up her car and then headed to gymnastics class. On the way to class, Tristan spoke with Grammy Walts on the phone and told her all the new words he has learned. It was nice to talk to her again and I'm glad Tristan gets to hear her voice again!

We arrive at gymnastics and I couldn't even hardly stay awake. I kept yawning and not participating that much in the activities. Nathan had to keep handing Tristan to me to do the activities because I was so dazed. He kept saying, "Mommy is a tired Mommy."

We come home from gymnastics, I put the rolls in the oven, the steak soup was already prepared and ready (thank God for crock pots) and everyone gets fed. Tristan also skypes with Grandma Kems while we all eat. It was fun catching up with her today too. Tristan loves to skype with his grandparents and looks forward to it every time.

However, I was dragging......fell asleep on the couch while the kids were playing, next thing I know, I hear Nathan upstairs from the monitor reading to Tristan and I knew it was bed time. I gave him a kiss and told Nathan I was exhausted and went to bed.

To think, if I had just taken Tristan to daycare, then picked him up before the dentist appointment, and then taken him back to daycare after the dentist appointment, I would never had such a rough, tiring day. How could I even do this on a daily basis and work ~ I wouldn't think of it! How does anything get done? I know some people juggle both so they don't have to pay for daycare. I could never do it. It's too much. I told Nathan I never want to be a stay at home mom ~ at least not in that capacity (two kids and working). But I did get 10 hours of sleep last night from going to bed so early. Damn! I left the diapers in the dryer.


  1. Hmm, sounds like you had a pretty rough day at the dentist. That first appointment is always a handful. Kids are not too keen on the unfamiliar tools in the dentist's office.

    -Emmy Summers

    1. It was! But nonetheless, we survived. :)

  2. You’re a supermom for accomplishing all of these tasks in one day! It’s not an easy task to handle two kids and your job at the same time. I can say that the first visit to the dentist is always the most difficult for kids. But, later on, they eventually get used to it, and that’s what I always hope for my son. :) It’s been a year now, and I hope you and your family are doing great.

    Ted Grimmer

  3. That's one roller coaster ride! But aside from all that happened, you still accomplished all the things you planned particularly Tristan's visit to the dentist. Juggling two kids and work is really a difficult task, and I didn't know how others done it. I just wish that I could learn that before I have a child of my own. How's Tristan, by the way? I hope he is not being difficult now, as opposed to what you experienced before. :)

    1. He is great! Thanks for asking. His 3rd birthday was today. :) XOXO