Wednesday, January 4, 2012

on the road again....

Nathan and I travel so often with Tristan, that it has become second nature to us. We laugh when people who rarely travel cannot do anything for 2-3 days prior to their trip because they are packing! We can pack our entire family's bags in less than an hour. We have it down to the perfect science, we would say.

Off to Kansas for ten days. We left the morning of New Year's Eve to arrive at one of the smallest airports we encounter frequently - MCI.'s cold! Tristan did fairly well on the plane ride...he is getting used to being confined for three hours with tons of snacks, games, toys, and his favorite ~ walking up and down the aisles saying hello to all the passengers and flirting with the flight attendants.

Dec 31st: So many things to do while back in KS this week! Let's see...Brooke and I started out by going over to the Hedges household to bring them their final donations. They are so grateful to everyone who was able to help contribute in ANY way to their tragedy. They are keeping their head held high and spirits in tact. Poor little Rowan was sad to find out that all of her Build-a-Bears were NOT going to make it. I told Angie that I could mail some stuffed animals to her when I returned back to Baltimore.

Hedges Family Fund ~ If you want to still make a donation of any kind, please private message me what you want to do and I will make sure they get it. We were able to raise $1300 and they received many items for their family to use. If you'd still like to donate, items they need include kitchen items such as dishes, cups, utensils, pots, pans, bakeware, bed linens and pillows, towels, washcloths, and toiletries. It was amazing how many people were able to help who told me that they had very little to begin with. It's great to see so many people pay it forward.

We ended the day with a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration with many friends and family members at the Yard House at the Legends. It was so great catching up with everyone and encouraging everyone to bring their best into the NEW YEAR! We would have liked to see everyone and wished more could have joined us, but we understand if you already had plans. :)

Jan 1st: Happy New Year? Wait not for Nathan. He was super sick the next day ~ and it wasn't because he stayed out too late or drank too much. He was testing his limits to begin with by going out since he was feeling a little itchy earlier in the day. But he drank his OJ an tried E-mergen-C and he's all better the next day. We were just lucky that Tristan and I didn't catch anything too.

Jan 2nd: Playdate plans got cancelled with Jordan, Kylie, and Ana because they got sick. Makes me sad. :( But hopefully they'll be well enough to hang out another time before we leave! Fingers crossed!

Bailey turns FIVE! She's so grown up! Really her birthday was in December, but her parents threw her a party on the 2nd so all her friends and family could be there to celebrate! It was a My Little Pony themed party and Christine and Jarrett did a great job setting it all up! Every gift she opened, she said, "I've always wanted this!" It didn't seem to matter what it even was. She was dressed up so cute and they even had a My Little Pony coloring contest for prizes. The funny part is that there weren't any little girls at the party, just all boys. So all of the boys, incuding Brea, were competing for the best My Little Pony picture. Everyone showcased their pictures very well to the audience, including Brea again, and then the judge (Uncle Daniel), advised of the winner ~ EVERYONE!

Getting prepared for the party!

We colored sprite in a star mold and froze to make many different colors in the punch. Unfortunately, the colors all ran together and turned the punch to puce! But the stars were still cute!

Candy buffet to go and mini cupcake decorating!

Look at that glam girl!
She had her own little cupcake to herself!

Jan 2nd continued: Off to KC to visit with Uncle Sterling and Aunt Amy for dinner at the 810 Sports Cafe in Leawood. What an experience! All the boys wanted to do was run around. Wait, all Tristan wanted to do was run around!

Aunt Amy made Tristan a cute "I Spy" toy out of felt, various buttons, and rice. She even embroidered it with his name. It is so cute that it is beyond words. I told her she should start selling them for some easy and fun cash....Colton is too cute for words! He made a point to say, "Aunt Nana, I love you so much and I'm so glad you got to spend the evening with me. Thanks for bringing cousin Tristan too!" (Okay not really, but I know he was thinking it.)

We visited for a little while, had dinner, and then headed to the hotel to put Tristan down for bed. Wish we could have spent more time with them! So sad to depart. :(

Jan 3rd: Gideon turns TWO!! I was so happy that Tristan and I were able to celebrate Gideon's birthday with him and Tara at Grandma and Pa Davis' house. As soon as Gideon was picked up from daycare and he saw me, he said "Aunt Nah-nah" (this really did happen). It's so heartwarming to know that he knows who I am even though I'm so far away! Yea to Mommy for reminding him of who his family is. :) Kisses and hugs to the little man. He is so sweet!

During the birthday celebration, I love how the two boys were not using their hands to eat the cupcake, but were bending over to eat it with only their mouth. Gideon eventually tore his cupcake apart and picked it up to eat it. So messy those two were....we we put them in the bathtub together to get them cleaned up.

Jan 3rd continued: So Tristan's hair has been a little long for a while and we really don't know what kind of hairstyle we want him to have. Nathan and I have been toying with the idea of cutting it, but are not sure what will come of it. We don't want him to have a mullet, but we also don't want him to have a bowl cut either. How do we manage to keep his hair long without doing either of the two? Ask Aunt Tara to cut it. Granted she's not a child hair stylist, nonetheless, we were going to try this thing.

Soooo here goes...

Bribing with peanut butter snacks....
Bribing with the thermostat...what is that?
Wait! What are you doing to me?


All done! Thanks Aunt Tara!
Jan 4th and 5th: Tristan and I stayed with Grandma and Pa Davis while Daddy attended a conference in KC. They were also able to watch Tristan all week so that I could work too. It's crazy trying to catch up on everything when you've been off work for almost two weeks!  Grandma and Pa Davis were fabulous - as always - with helping with Tristan, making meals, picking us up late in the evening, or just being there to visit and talk with. We all love you so much and are so happy to spend as much time as we can with you. Thanks again for the Vegas help too!

Jan 5th: I was able to have lunch with an old friend, Mandy Fields. It was nice to catch up with her and I really wish I had  more time. My hour lunch break went by too fast! I also started to receive many requests for Modifire business. I can't believe how many people need my services. This is fantastic!

Jan 6th: Ashea's birthday party! Fun, fun! (That's all I'm going to say about that.)

Jan 7th: Kems Family Christmas Day!!  This day deserves its own blog post - check it out. :)
Jan 7th continued: After the Christmas celebration, we headed to Steve and Sarah's house to spend time with them and their family. Alex has gotten sooo big and he's so lovable! They took us to a new place we've never been - Zen Zero - which was fabulous. Although our waiter was a dud, this place is definitely going to be a new favorite of mine when I come back to town. We were also able to finalize our guardianship status for Tristan by speaking with Amy and Sterling and Steve and Sarah - who were willing and able to fulfill our wishes for Tristan if anything were to ever happen to us. He's going to be in very special hands if anything ever happens to us!
Jan 8th: We started out the morning with Tristan waking up Steve, Sarah, and Alex (don't blame him ~ he's still on East coast time!), but then headed out to have a wonderful breakfast at the Global Cafe. That place is so good! We took a later flight today ~ normally it's the first one of the day, but the afternoon flight is what worked for us this time. We spent some more time with the Miles and then headed by to Baltimore by noontime. It was such an AWESOME visit this time around. We missed out on some people who weren't able to visit, but spent a lot of time with others who were able to.

Isn't he just too cute?

Now for the fun adventures to come with Bailey living with us....hopefully with Tristan and her together, it will give me a few things to write about. Oh ya, and with sweet Nicole visiting too, I bet I'll have a few things to write about. :)


  1. What happens at Ashea's birthday party stays at Ashea's birthday party.

  2. We had an awesome time with you guys too!! Colton was running around just as much as T! We are working on Aunt Nana I think he will have it by May for sure. We are so honored to be T's guardian's, although I hope we never have to be! Love you guys!

  3. @Ashea...hahahaha. ;)

    @Amy--I can't wait to hear him say it. Perhaps by May? :) Love you and miss you already too!! MUAH XOXO