Tuesday, February 28, 2012

visits from around the world - san diego

This last week we had visits from around the world - so to say.

Aunt Tina came to visit all the way from San Diego. She kept telling me that she had invited Volker too, but he didn't want to take off work or be away from his pepper plant for too long. :) So after a long day on Friday of everything that had to have gone wrong for me or Christine, I got myself a jagged, Joan Jett haircut and then headed to the airport to pick Tina up. As if the day couldn't have been gloomy enough, it was raining as I picked her up from Amtrak. Yea! But she was here and we were so excited!! 

Once we got home, I started making dinner ~ which I had been wanting to make for weeks once I had pinned it and tonight was a great time to try it out. Roasted Lemon Garlic Herb Shrimp and Linguini - YUM!

Roasted Garlic Herb Shrimp
After Tristan went to bed, we all sat around the table and caught up with each other on so many things. It was fun to sit and chat with her about everything that was new and exciting in both of our lives. I even introduced her to SixSaw. 

The weekend began with lots of fun on Saturday morning at gymnastics class for T. We then headed for a full day on the harbor starting with lunch at Philips Seafood (yummy crab mac and cheese) where Tristan ate his first popcorn shrimp and loved them. Next we headed to the Baltimore Aquarium where Tristan was so excited to see the monkeys. However, when we went to the rain forest, they were all sleeping. Tristan saw all of the colorful birds though and kept saying, Rio! Rio! (He loves that movie.)

Looking at the sting rays.

Wow! Big fish! (He kept saying).

Looking at Rio!

It's big!

I can't see, Daddy!

So curious....

Finally, Tristan had about enough and needed to go home for his nap. Christine and I took Tina for her first beer tour around Baltimore. We started out in Fells Point at Max's (Over 300 types of beer) and the Wharf Rat (one of Baltimore's oldest breweries around) to try a Summer Brew. Next, we went to one of my favorite places, Canton Square. We munched on the best nachos around and drank Natty Boh at Nacho Mama's. We would have loved to introduce her to the tin can margarita's, but that would be a little much with all the beer too. Next time, next time! We ended the beer tour with a trip to Federal Hill to have one last drink and relax at Mother's before heading home.

The next day we lazily got moving around and went to eat brunch at the Paper Moon Cafe. This place is an eclectic mix of old and new toys strung all over the walls with fabulous foods (even bacon milkshakes) and a fun staff. We had a bit more of a wait than we originally expected, but Tristan kept himself entertained with looking at the various PEZ dispensers on display. Thomas, Percy, truck, Fire truck, Frosty...He kept telling us over and over.

We headed back to the house to relax before her flight and play with little T - except he was out like a light before we could even make it back home. So sweet.

Tina and I discussed switching houses for a week when we want to vacation in San Diego and when her and Volker can get away from the pepper plant long enough to vacation out here. Being German, he would love the beer tour. :) Can't wait to plan that trip!!

Thanks for visiting Aunt Tina! Tristan already misses you. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Tristan has really liked jumping these days.... (for some reason the videos take a minute to load).

He's so much fun!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day

Valentine's day was fun this year for me. I got to decorate the Valentine's day box for Tristan's school. Of course he helped a little bit ~ throwing the pom poms around and tearing up the paper. But nonetheless, it was fun. A little messy and thrown together with scraps of ribbon, pom poms, stickers (can you see the Elmo ones), and some scraps of wrapping paper all put together to make one messy little Valentine's day box. My gay friend (yes, it's important that I point that out) is giving me hell for making this for Tristan. He told me it looked gay. Ya, well, this is what they are supposed to look like ~ all decorated and frilly. :) His teachers really enjoyed the effort too.

Here are the pics:

He got a few cards, candy, and a spider man pencil from his classmates. Oops...looks like I forgot to slit the hole in the top for the cards to get in.

Here are some treats I made for his class.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

bailey bugisms

Just a few Bailey~ism's from the last few months:

We were at a hotel from when we went to visit Jackson Doorley for his 2nd birthday party and Bailey went to pick out her own cereal. She came back over to the table and sat by Uncle Nate.

Uncle Nate: What did you get to eat, Bailey? Some corn flakes?
Bailey looked confused and rolled her eyes. She said: It's not corn flakes Uncle Nate. It's tiger cereal. (Tony the Tiger).

Aunt Nana, are we going to Babies are for us?

Belting at the top of her lungs ~ The One That Got Away ~ by Katy Perry.

Look! The moon has a star beside it. It's the moon's friend.

Aunt Nana? Can I play with the iPad for a little bit?  Or even a long time?

Aunt Nana? We are going the same way as when we went to Kindergarten and ate. What Bailey? What do you mean by that? Remember where we went to eat? I don't remember Bailey. Who all was with us? It was you, me, Tristan, Mommy, and Uncle Nate....Oh! Olive Garden? Yes, we are going the same direction as when we went to Olive Garden.

We pulled up to the Post Office and Bailey said, "We're at the Post Office!" I said, How did you know we were at the Post Office? Have you been here before? "No. But I know it's the Post Office because I can see where they are selling mail to people."

I was at the drive thru ATM depositing cash into the ATM and then I had to get money out. Bailey said, "Aunt Nana? When are you going to stop costing money?" Uncle Nate looked at her and laughed and said, "I"ve been wondering that myself." Hmmmmm.

I'm going to throw one in here from Tristan. I was having a conversation with Nathan and I said, "Seriously, though." Tristan starting mimicking me by saying, "See set go, see set go, see set go." Awesome. Need to watch what I say.....

Bye, bye Bailey bug! You left on a jet plane for Kansas this morning. (Btw, she was so excited about this and kept going on and on about how the flight attendant was going to be her best friend and talk to her the entire plane ride back.)

We will miss having you and your mommy in our household every day. LOVE YOU! XOXO

Christine and Bailey ~ 2012

Bailey and I from Thanksgiving 2011

Sunday, February 5, 2012

everyone thinks my boy is a girl....

So remember that dreaded Wednesday when I was the worst. mother. ever.? Well, I forgot to mention that several people in gymnastics class referred to Tristan as a "girl". His hair is longer and messy, but certainly no pony tails, barrettes, bows, or anything pink, red, or purple on his clothes. He was wearing a long sleeved orange, blue, and grey striped shirt with tan Pottery Barn sweater-type material pants. I always dress him in loose clothes so that when he's at gymnastics, he won't feel restricted. However, no where in his outfit did it scream out, "I love My Little Pony." No where. 

So this lady says, "Watch out for the little girl" when Tristan was playing near her child. I had thought her child was a boy (even with the long curly hair) due to the clothes he was wearing. However, when she made that comment, I thought perhaps she was telling Tristan to "watch out for her little girl". Nope, that's not what happened. Not at all.

Then I was with Tristan over by the ball pit playing about ten minutes after that initial comment, and she said, "Ricardo, be careful" and grabbed her son. So I sat there and thought....oh, so she was talking to her son saying that he should watch out for my little girl. Hmmmmm. Interesting. Especially interesting because her son too has long, curly hair and dresses in pseudo gender type clothes that would be deceiving to anyone who did not know the child. Wouldn't you think that since your child most likely has been mistaken for a girl before (due to the clothes and hair) that there is a possibility that other boys are boys that dress and wear their hair like your son? No. I don't think she got it. And I wasn't going to tell her because frankly, to be honest, it wasn't worth it. I did make a point to tell Tristan "What a big boy" when he was swinging on the big kid swings next to Ricardo. I'm pretty sure she heard my subtle comment. Let's hope since I didn't see her in gymnastics today, so we'll see!

So today in gymnastics, this little girl is playing by the ball pit (they weren't in the class last week or on Wednesday) and she is pointing to Tristan as he is running up to the ball pit to play. And the mom says, "Yes, you see the little girl? Do you want to talk to her? Maybe you should ask her if she wants to play." I had to turn my head this time and try not to crack up. Really? Again? He really doesn't even look like a girl today. He is wearing a dark blue onesie with SKULLS and CROSSBONES on it with PIRATE SHIPS. Really? I really had to turn my head away and laugh. So I ignored the comment because I obviously didn't want to say anything to her and it come across as rude or her take it as rude ~ since that wouldn't have been my intention. And, you never know how people take things since most people bottle things up and never talk about them. I on the other hand, am not that way. Nope. Not at all. BUT.....today I was going to be. Because, again, it really didn't matter. So we joined the circle time in the beginning of the class and went around the room where all the children said their names to the group. 

TRISTAN. "Can you say Hi, Tristan?" I'm hoping no one had mistaken the name for Kristin, lol. 

So as we leave My Gym, Tristan's running around and I am telling Nathan what happened. I think it's time we attempt a haircut to see what we can do to make him look more like a boy without the traditional boy style haircut. So we head off to Cartoon Cuts to see what we can make of his hair. Check out the pics below of his transformation:

Look how long it is!

Chop, chop, chop.

Stop lady! I'm trying to watch the video you put on for me!

Holding steady.....

The show has a spell on him.....

Got him to look down! Bonus!

Get out of my way lady!

All done!

We were trying to go with the "surfer" look, but I see now he looks even more like a girl. 

i'm elmo and i know it

So I found this Youtube video of Elmo on Pinterest last weekend. It's pretty cute and Tristan loves it. He asks to watch it every day before he goes to school. 

Take a look ~ it's even fun for the adults too. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

when daddy's away.....

...the mice will play! Or we will at least, haha.

Daddy went to the KU game with Uncle Dain, Steve, and Uncle Lloyd this past weekend in Iowa. That meant Mommy had to keep Tristan entertained!

On Friday night we went Cici's Pizza to eat before heading out to Chuck E. Cheese to play with all the new games they had. Tristan really loved the car and, at times, wouldn't get out of it so the other kids could play in it too! He even saved up enough tickets to buy three smarties at the prize stand. Can-nee?! That's how he says candy....Only two at a time, I give him until they are gone. All gone! Can-nee? Can-nee? Can-nee? All the way  home....There's no more candy, Tristan. I tell him. Finally he gets distracted by playing with his truck. 

Saturday was the usual with Skyping with Grandpa Davis in the morning and then to gymnastics. He was a little out of sorts that morning since Daddy is usually with us when we go. But we made it through the lesson with no broken bones ~ which is always a plus. :)

Sunday was a fun day too! We tried out a new pizza place (I know, pizza again?) called Joe Squared They have all types of pizza and Christine and I decided to share the chicken, corn, and apple pizza. Can I say YUM! Tristan loved it too, but Bailey wouldn't even try it. She tried to say she just wasn't hungry, but we knew better, so she chomped on the salad and fries instead. 

After the pizza party, we went on to Port Discovery to explore the museum of fun! Tristan's two favorite parts today were playing on the trains and playing in the water room. He kept taking his boats all the way up the water slide and catching them at the bottom! Over and over again. By the time we were done, he was soaking wet, but had soooo much fun! I guided him to the new Big Red Clifford Dog game area where he played on a boat this time with some other children. Finally he was dried off, so we headed home for nap time. Guess who didn't make it home before he fell asleep? 

Check out the pics from the weekend below:

Yummy! He ate pizza and three helpings of the pasta!

My car!

Choo, choo!

Friday, February 3, 2012

roller skating

We took Tristan roller skating one day when DJ Lance Rock was there and the rest of the Yo Gabba Gabba friends. He was interested right off the bat and tried to walk in the skates more than anything. We even got him the skate assist bar that he can push around to skate with...however, he didn't really understand the point of it. So I skated backwards and pulled his arms with me instead. He giggled and giggled the entire time. But he got tired very quickly and we had to take him home for his nap. Maybe next time we go he'll be able to skate for a little longer. 
DJ Lance Rockin' it out

Yo Gabba Gabba

Bailey skating

Daddy helping T

Me and "DJ Lance Rock"

Tristan having some fun!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

worst. mother. ever.

Tristan had gymnastics tonight - a new time at 6pm on Wednesdays. Normally he has every Saturday at 10am and the occasional 5:20pm class on Tuesdays. So 6pm was a new time for our new, normal routine. I brought him a fruit leather and some goldfish crackers (whole wheat, of course) and a cup full of juice for the ride to My Gym in Owings Mills. I did have a homemade Turkey Pot Pie ready to be baked in the oven once we returned. Now Tristan's school is 15 minutes from our house, but so is My Gym - but both in opposite directions - so from school to gymnastics there will be at least a 30-45 minute car ride - not including traffic. So I thought I was so prepared to have him bounce around in the gym for an hour and not have dinner until 7:30pm....and then I started thinking. We were talking to Grammy Walts on the phone on the way there and it occurred to me that there is no way in hell that Tristan is going to be able to make it to gymnastics without a snack (good thing I brought the fruit leather, goldfish, and fruit juice), but also have to sit through another 15-30 minutes on the way home after gymnastics - at 7:00pm. This is what was going through my head: He normally eats at 6pm and we are going to have to wait until 7:30pm for him to have dinner. What was I supposed to do?????

Luckily there was a Rite-Aid on the way. It was 5:35pm and gymnastics was at 6:00pm and right around the corner. Perfect.

I asked Bailey what type of Lunchable she wanted - ham or turkey. "I want the kind with a juice box in it and candy so that I can have a dessert." Okay, so what if they don't have a juice box in it, what would you like to drink? "Diet coke, because it's sooooo good." I paused knowing that I'm not sure Christine would want Bailey to have this, but made an executive decision that this was just going to have to happen - if needed. I went back to the store where I saw the refrigerators hoping for Lunchables in the case. Nope. All I found were cold drinks and frozen foods. Damn. Okay, I do need a diet coke now.....so I look. There are no small cans, only 20 ounce bottles. Damn. I pick the decaf one for Bailey.This should work. At least she won't have the sugar and the caffeine, right?

Next to think of what to feed the kiddos. I spot Chex Mix and ignorantly think, "This should be fine, it's like cereal." And grab a bag. Hey, at least it was the 1/3 sodium kind. I scan the rest of the isle to find something, something, that these kids would eat......I grab some Funyons - okay mostly for me because it reminds me of field trips when I was a kid. My mother always let me "pack my own lunch" for field trip days and I always picked Funyons because she never bought them. I scan the isles...Dinty Moore foods that need heated. Out. Tuna meal with lemon pepper flavor...possibly. Ummmm....No, how would I feed them? I have no utensils and they need to be able to eat the food themselves before gymnastics. Damn. Ummmmm.....Looking, looking, scanning. I got it! Vienna sausages. Yes, I said vienna sausages. Before you judge, I was trying my best to do what I could to provide the most nutrients to my child and Bailey. Ummmmm...well, there's chicken and regular. I don't know what regular is, so I will go with chicken. I'm now standing in the checkout line and I'm literally scanning the ingredients hoping that it's going to be sufficient. It's not, but I look away pretending that I don't see the other ingredients on the list...hmmmm. Bailey mentioned something about a dessert and the boy in front of me is begging his mother for some M&M's...maybe I should get her some. Wait, no. I see some Mini Cadbury Eggs that I selfishly love during the Easter holidays and grab a bag for everyone's dessert. This is awesome. $8.53 of awesome. Wow.

Okay, so we head back to the car and I distribute my findings to the group. I open the vienna sausages and pour the disgusting liquid on the concrete beside me until it's all gone. I try to grab one out to give to Tristan without tearing it up.I was able to accomplish this feat, at least. I gave one to both Bailey and Tristan. Tristan spit at it and wouldn't even try it. Bailey said, "I don't like it". So I poured the rest of the sausages on the concrete beside the car. Bye, bye. 

Next Bailey wants the Diet Coke and the Chex Mix. I give her and Tristan some. Then Tristan spies my Funyons and I give him one. He loves them - go figure. Bailey hates them though. Tristan proceeds to eat the entire 99 cent bag and a few Chex Mix crackers and drinks his juice. Hmmmmm.....Bailey is fairly content with the Chex Mix as well. I am the worst. mother. ever. and I'm going to hell for feeding my kid and his cousin vienna sausages, Funyons, and chex mix for dinner on a Wednesday night. 

I know there are many things that I do wrong as a parent, and get judged quite frequently for not being the best mother I can be. So I will just add this to the list of things that I just didn't do good enough for my child. All I can say is that I try my best everyday to be the best person I know how to be and sometimes I make mistakes because I am human. I don't know how else to express the point of life if we all don't make mistakes. Crossing my fingers in hopes that I don't mess this up for the rest of my life. And for those of you keeping track of everything I do wrong, here's another one for your list.