Sunday, February 12, 2012

bailey bugisms

Just a few Bailey~ism's from the last few months:

We were at a hotel from when we went to visit Jackson Doorley for his 2nd birthday party and Bailey went to pick out her own cereal. She came back over to the table and sat by Uncle Nate.

Uncle Nate: What did you get to eat, Bailey? Some corn flakes?
Bailey looked confused and rolled her eyes. She said: It's not corn flakes Uncle Nate. It's tiger cereal. (Tony the Tiger).

Aunt Nana, are we going to Babies are for us?

Belting at the top of her lungs ~ The One That Got Away ~ by Katy Perry.

Look! The moon has a star beside it. It's the moon's friend.

Aunt Nana? Can I play with the iPad for a little bit?  Or even a long time?

Aunt Nana? We are going the same way as when we went to Kindergarten and ate. What Bailey? What do you mean by that? Remember where we went to eat? I don't remember Bailey. Who all was with us? It was you, me, Tristan, Mommy, and Uncle Nate....Oh! Olive Garden? Yes, we are going the same direction as when we went to Olive Garden.

We pulled up to the Post Office and Bailey said, "We're at the Post Office!" I said, How did you know we were at the Post Office? Have you been here before? "No. But I know it's the Post Office because I can see where they are selling mail to people."

I was at the drive thru ATM depositing cash into the ATM and then I had to get money out. Bailey said, "Aunt Nana? When are you going to stop costing money?" Uncle Nate looked at her and laughed and said, "I"ve been wondering that myself." Hmmmmm.

I'm going to throw one in here from Tristan. I was having a conversation with Nathan and I said, "Seriously, though." Tristan starting mimicking me by saying, "See set go, see set go, see set go." Awesome. Need to watch what I say.....

Bye, bye Bailey bug! You left on a jet plane for Kansas this morning. (Btw, she was so excited about this and kept going on and on about how the flight attendant was going to be her best friend and talk to her the entire plane ride back.)

We will miss having you and your mommy in our household every day. LOVE YOU! XOXO

Christine and Bailey ~ 2012

Bailey and I from Thanksgiving 2011


  1. Oh my gosh! She probably talked that flight attendant's ear off. Haha!