Sunday, February 5, 2012

everyone thinks my boy is a girl....

So remember that dreaded Wednesday when I was the worst. mother. ever.? Well, I forgot to mention that several people in gymnastics class referred to Tristan as a "girl". His hair is longer and messy, but certainly no pony tails, barrettes, bows, or anything pink, red, or purple on his clothes. He was wearing a long sleeved orange, blue, and grey striped shirt with tan Pottery Barn sweater-type material pants. I always dress him in loose clothes so that when he's at gymnastics, he won't feel restricted. However, no where in his outfit did it scream out, "I love My Little Pony." No where. 

So this lady says, "Watch out for the little girl" when Tristan was playing near her child. I had thought her child was a boy (even with the long curly hair) due to the clothes he was wearing. However, when she made that comment, I thought perhaps she was telling Tristan to "watch out for her little girl". Nope, that's not what happened. Not at all.

Then I was with Tristan over by the ball pit playing about ten minutes after that initial comment, and she said, "Ricardo, be careful" and grabbed her son. So I sat there and thought....oh, so she was talking to her son saying that he should watch out for my little girl. Hmmmmm. Interesting. Especially interesting because her son too has long, curly hair and dresses in pseudo gender type clothes that would be deceiving to anyone who did not know the child. Wouldn't you think that since your child most likely has been mistaken for a girl before (due to the clothes and hair) that there is a possibility that other boys are boys that dress and wear their hair like your son? No. I don't think she got it. And I wasn't going to tell her because frankly, to be honest, it wasn't worth it. I did make a point to tell Tristan "What a big boy" when he was swinging on the big kid swings next to Ricardo. I'm pretty sure she heard my subtle comment. Let's hope since I didn't see her in gymnastics today, so we'll see!

So today in gymnastics, this little girl is playing by the ball pit (they weren't in the class last week or on Wednesday) and she is pointing to Tristan as he is running up to the ball pit to play. And the mom says, "Yes, you see the little girl? Do you want to talk to her? Maybe you should ask her if she wants to play." I had to turn my head this time and try not to crack up. Really? Again? He really doesn't even look like a girl today. He is wearing a dark blue onesie with SKULLS and CROSSBONES on it with PIRATE SHIPS. Really? I really had to turn my head away and laugh. So I ignored the comment because I obviously didn't want to say anything to her and it come across as rude or her take it as rude ~ since that wouldn't have been my intention. And, you never know how people take things since most people bottle things up and never talk about them. I on the other hand, am not that way. Nope. Not at all. I was going to be. Because, again, it really didn't matter. So we joined the circle time in the beginning of the class and went around the room where all the children said their names to the group. 

TRISTAN. "Can you say Hi, Tristan?" I'm hoping no one had mistaken the name for Kristin, lol. 

So as we leave My Gym, Tristan's running around and I am telling Nathan what happened. I think it's time we attempt a haircut to see what we can do to make him look more like a boy without the traditional boy style haircut. So we head off to Cartoon Cuts to see what we can make of his hair. Check out the pics below of his transformation:

Look how long it is!

Chop, chop, chop.

Stop lady! I'm trying to watch the video you put on for me!

Holding steady.....

The show has a spell on him.....

Got him to look down! Bonus!

Get out of my way lady!

All done!

We were trying to go with the "surfer" look, but I see now he looks even more like a girl. 


  1. When my son was a baby, I'd dress him in "boy" colors and people would often ask me if he was a girl or a boy. So annoying!!