Tuesday, February 28, 2012

visits from around the world - san diego

This last week we had visits from around the world - so to say.

Aunt Tina came to visit all the way from San Diego. She kept telling me that she had invited Volker too, but he didn't want to take off work or be away from his pepper plant for too long. :) So after a long day on Friday of everything that had to have gone wrong for me or Christine, I got myself a jagged, Joan Jett haircut and then headed to the airport to pick Tina up. As if the day couldn't have been gloomy enough, it was raining as I picked her up from Amtrak. Yea! But she was here and we were so excited!! 

Once we got home, I started making dinner ~ which I had been wanting to make for weeks once I had pinned it and tonight was a great time to try it out. Roasted Lemon Garlic Herb Shrimp and Linguini - YUM!

Roasted Garlic Herb Shrimp
After Tristan went to bed, we all sat around the table and caught up with each other on so many things. It was fun to sit and chat with her about everything that was new and exciting in both of our lives. I even introduced her to SixSaw. 

The weekend began with lots of fun on Saturday morning at gymnastics class for T. We then headed for a full day on the harbor starting with lunch at Philips Seafood (yummy crab mac and cheese) where Tristan ate his first popcorn shrimp and loved them. Next we headed to the Baltimore Aquarium where Tristan was so excited to see the monkeys. However, when we went to the rain forest, they were all sleeping. Tristan saw all of the colorful birds though and kept saying, Rio! Rio! (He loves that movie.)

Looking at the sting rays.

Wow! Big fish! (He kept saying).

Looking at Rio!

It's big!

I can't see, Daddy!

So curious....

Finally, Tristan had about enough and needed to go home for his nap. Christine and I took Tina for her first beer tour around Baltimore. We started out in Fells Point at Max's (Over 300 types of beer) and the Wharf Rat (one of Baltimore's oldest breweries around) to try a Summer Brew. Next, we went to one of my favorite places, Canton Square. We munched on the best nachos around and drank Natty Boh at Nacho Mama's. We would have loved to introduce her to the tin can margarita's, but that would be a little much with all the beer too. Next time, next time! We ended the beer tour with a trip to Federal Hill to have one last drink and relax at Mother's before heading home.

The next day we lazily got moving around and went to eat brunch at the Paper Moon Cafe. This place is an eclectic mix of old and new toys strung all over the walls with fabulous foods (even bacon milkshakes) and a fun staff. We had a bit more of a wait than we originally expected, but Tristan kept himself entertained with looking at the various PEZ dispensers on display. Thomas, Percy, truck, Fire truck, Frosty...He kept telling us over and over.

We headed back to the house to relax before her flight and play with little T - except he was out like a light before we could even make it back home. So sweet.

Tina and I discussed switching houses for a week when we want to vacation in San Diego and when her and Volker can get away from the pepper plant long enough to vacation out here. Being German, he would love the beer tour. :) Can't wait to plan that trip!!

Thanks for visiting Aunt Tina! Tristan already misses you. 

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