Saturday, February 4, 2012

when daddy's away.....

...the mice will play! Or we will at least, haha.

Daddy went to the KU game with Uncle Dain, Steve, and Uncle Lloyd this past weekend in Iowa. That meant Mommy had to keep Tristan entertained!

On Friday night we went Cici's Pizza to eat before heading out to Chuck E. Cheese to play with all the new games they had. Tristan really loved the car and, at times, wouldn't get out of it so the other kids could play in it too! He even saved up enough tickets to buy three smarties at the prize stand. Can-nee?! That's how he says candy....Only two at a time, I give him until they are gone. All gone! Can-nee? Can-nee? Can-nee? All the way  home....There's no more candy, Tristan. I tell him. Finally he gets distracted by playing with his truck. 

Saturday was the usual with Skyping with Grandpa Davis in the morning and then to gymnastics. He was a little out of sorts that morning since Daddy is usually with us when we go. But we made it through the lesson with no broken bones ~ which is always a plus. :)

Sunday was a fun day too! We tried out a new pizza place (I know, pizza again?) called Joe Squared They have all types of pizza and Christine and I decided to share the chicken, corn, and apple pizza. Can I say YUM! Tristan loved it too, but Bailey wouldn't even try it. She tried to say she just wasn't hungry, but we knew better, so she chomped on the salad and fries instead. 

After the pizza party, we went on to Port Discovery to explore the museum of fun! Tristan's two favorite parts today were playing on the trains and playing in the water room. He kept taking his boats all the way up the water slide and catching them at the bottom! Over and over again. By the time we were done, he was soaking wet, but had soooo much fun! I guided him to the new Big Red Clifford Dog game area where he played on a boat this time with some other children. Finally he was dried off, so we headed home for nap time. Guess who didn't make it home before he fell asleep? 

Check out the pics from the weekend below:

Yummy! He ate pizza and three helpings of the pasta!

My car!

Choo, choo!

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