Friday, March 30, 2012

quality time with the little man

Nathan has been traveling a lot for work recently and that means a lot of quality time for me and Tristan. Here are some things we did when Daddy was away......

Eating Sushi!

I yike the soup...mostly I yike the soup spoon. cream.

Yum, yum, yum.

Still eating it....yummy.

Playing at the mall playground.

Throwing pennies into the fountain is one of my favorite things to do!


Let me reach for more!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Every night before Tristan goes to bed, we read him a book or two. Recently, there's been a book that he's more into that has a lot of different pictures and themes on each page. It's called "I Can Do It" and has a school theme, a dentist theme, a birthday party theme, a park theme, a swimming pool theme, a bathroom theme, and then a bedtime (bedroom) theme. The characters are all the monsters from Sesame Street with Elmo as the main character. Throughout the book we point to pictures and ask Tristan what each picture is so that he learns what the name of all the items that are in a house and what things around town are called. On the school themed pages, there is a Muppet who is dressed as an adult male with a bow tie and looks like he's the teacher for the kids. Tristan will point to him and say, "A Daddy?" I say, "Yes, he probably is a Daddy." Then I started noticing him doing the same thing with women. "A Mommy?" I realized that he was making the connection of "a Mommy" and "a Daddy" with a woman and a man - which I thought was an interesting approach to the comparison. When I realized this, I started explaining to him that Mommy is a woman and Daddy is a man.  Tristan is a boy and Chaya (his friend from school) is a girl. And when we look at the pictures in the book, I explain that the daddy is a man. He's catching on somewhat, but not all the way.......

Yesterday, Tristan and I were at Jason's Deli after school because I had picked him up much later than normal and it was now time for him to eat. Traffic was so bad right after I picked him up, that if I had taken the highway to get home, we would have had to sit in it for 30-45 minutes during his dinner time. No way. So I took a different route and intended on going to the park for a little bit, but realized he probably should eat something first. So we headed to Jason's Deli. After ordering, we sat down next to a beautiful family of four - a mother, father, son, and daughter. I ran out of the house so quickly to pick up Tristan, that I didn't put my wedding ring on, plus Nathan was out of town, so it was just me and Tristan - and I am sure I was looking like a single mother. 

I kept glancing over to the table mostly because I really liked the pasta that the little boy was eating and I wanted to ask them what it was, but didn't want to intrude. So I kept looking back and forth trying to decide if I should ask them. The mom would glance over at me as if to say, "What are you looking at?" I should have just asked them what kind of pasta that was because now Tristan is glancing over at the table and watching them as if he knows them too. Then he points to the father and yells really loud, "Daddy?!" I could only imagine what they were thinking....Tristan is saying that man is his daddy. I loudly say, "Yes, he is a daddy." Tristan continued to point and yell loudly for the entire restaurant to hear him, "Daddy!" "Daddy!" I'm sure mostly because he was so proud that he was able to categorize correctly. But not once did he say, "Mommy"....nope. Just "Daddy". Geez....Now the woman is glaring at me. Come on, Tristan looked NOTHING like that man. I quickly asked Tristan if he was ready to get his ice cream now and we left the store. I really hope that poor woman didn't make some false assumptions on the matter. And, I never did find out what kind of pasta that little boy was eating. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

cherry blossom cruise

Sunday, we went on a cruise on the Potomac River around DC to see the blooming cherry blossoms. While it wasn't that nice of a morning, Tristan enjoyed his time on the boat. Here are a few pictures...looks like we forgot to take some of the cherry blossoms:

st. patrick's day

Since St. Patrick's Day is usually celebrated as an adult day of enjoying green beer and corned beef with potatoes, this was the best we did to celebrate it with Tristan ~ dressing him up in the hat that Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah gave him. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

b&o railroad

OH MY GOODNESS! Talk about a happy little boy! 

Nathan had been trying to plan a trip to the B&O Railroad Museum for over a month now ~ and last Sunday, we didn't have anything to do so we decided to head down there. I wasn't sure what to expect - except maybe a lot of large trains from many different time periods. Not only did this museum have old train cars, but they also had a play area for children called Choo Choo Blue  with many train sets, books, puzzles, and train mats for the children to play with. We also go to tour the old trains and learned all about the history of the B&O railroad - which by the way - I only knew to the extent of Monopoly. :)

After playing inside for awhile, we headed outside to another train play area. This one had a train track built up with an automatic train running through all of the trees and houses. Tristan could not believe his eyes. WOW! He kept saying. WOW! And when the train went around the large track and he couldn't see it anymore, he would say, "Where did it go?" and put his arms in the air indicating that he can't find the train. Nathan and I chuckled while watching him with his expressions. 

See the video below:


After that section, we headed to another play area where Tristan was able to play on playground type train equipment. He kept putting his head out the conductor's window and saying, "Bye, bye. Bye, bye." 
~ smiles ~

Apparently after April, we are able to go on a 25 minute train ride - which I bet Tristan cannot wait to do. There is also a little "roller coaster" type train for toddlers to ride as well. And, guess who's coming to visit on April 29th - Thomas!!! We already bought the tickets. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

30 things i love about my husband

 1. That he cleans up the dishes or does the laundry without having to be asked.

 2. He is the smartest man I've ever met.

 3. He knows I love to cook and is always willing to try my new recipes that I make for dinner ~ without complaining once. (Although he did pull a brussel sprout out of a dish one time and said, "What is this?").

 4. His love for being educated about the world around him.

 5. The everlasting loyalty he has to his friends and family.

 6. He's always willing to try something new and exciting!

 7. He is sexy!

 8. No matter where I'm traveling or where he's traveling, he always makes a point to tell me he loves me  every. single. day.

 9. I can always feel the love he has for his family and friends each time he talks about them.

10. I love how he always tries to help me improve to be a better person.

11. He supports me in my all of my endeavors.

12. His ambition and drive to succeed ~ not only with work, but with his personal life.

13. He knows how to have fun and live life.

14. I think it's cute that he can't go one day without looking at jayhawkslant.

15. I love that he loves my friends and family.

16. The way he surprises me on a regular day with flowers.

17. He can tell some funny stories!

18. When he calls me every day to see how my day is going ~ he does this in spite of the many times I will talk his ear off about the day's events.

19. That he's willing to take family pictures when we go on vacations even though that's not his favorite thing to do.

20. He is the most wonderful, caring father I've ever met.

21. His everlasting love for the Jayhawks!

22. He is always thinking one step ahead to protect our family's financial future.

23. I love that he loves me for who I am without judging me for being imperfect.

24. I love when he takes turns with me so that I can sleep a little longer some mornings.

26. Even though he hates shopping (at the mall or the grocery store), he will always go with me if I ask him to and not complain once.

27. I love the way he rocks Tristan to sleep at night.

28. I love that even though he hates doing yard work, he will do it with me if I ask him to.

29. He is the most wonderful, caring husband I've ever met.

30. No matter what may come between us, I know that he will love me and our son unconditionally for the rest of his life.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


One important thing Tristan has learned is the ability to empathize or have empathy for others. He learned this behavior through a combination of Nathan and I teaching him to apologize when he was mean or played too rough (especially with Bailey) and from the observation of others. He always will say, "sawree". Here are a few cute ways he expresses his empathy:

Bam! (loud noise)
Tristan, what was that?
He runs in the bathroom where I am at. He looks at me with a sad face and cocks his head to the side and says, "Sawree, sawree" while pointing to the stairs. He was telling me that he was sorry for dropping (or possibly throwing) his Charlie the Brown book down the stairs. The look on his face when he told me was soooo adorable!

Tristan will have two armfuls of trucks and his big airplane and try to maneuver from one side of the room to the other. Well, there may be a time when he does this that Nathan and I are in his way and he may accidentally bump into us while trying to get to the other side of the room. "Sawree, sawree." We are trying to teach him to say "Excuse me" instead, but he most likely has observed others say "sorry" when they bump into another person when we are out and about. It's funny the things he observes. 

Tristan fell down today while we were at the B&O Railroad Museum and hurt his hands in the process on the gravel. "Sawree, sawree," he says. "You don't have to be sorry, " Nathan and I both remind him......he is such a sweet little man. 

Our goal is to not have Tristan feel like he has to apologize for everything, but to know when is the right time to apologize to someone. We definitely would like for him to learn to take ownership of his actions so that he grows up not only to be an empathetic individual, but also not to be someone who is so full of pride that he cannot admit when he made a mistake. The world is filled with too many of those people. Our goal is to make sure he doesn't become one of them too. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

dancin' at lunch time

Here's Tristan jammin' out with Daddy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

living and learning

Tristan has cognitively developed significantly over the last few months (at least it seems he has to us).  We cannot believe how much he talks, the sentences he puts together, knows how to count to 10, can do his ABC's up to H (by himself), his ability to have empathy for others, and even the ability to put together how the world works. Do you think I'm bragging? I'm not, promise I'm not. I just want to express (as this is our only child) how AMAZING it is to see him explore the world and learn from his surroundings. I don't know if this is normal, behind, or ahead for his age. All I know is that we LOVE watching him live, love, and learn in the world around him. 

With that being said, he still is not potty trained, won't sit down for circle time for more than 10 minutes, started dividing his food up on his plate yesterday, has had his first tantrum (on the floor - see below), and seems to need constant cognitive stimulation. I wonder where he gets that from....

We love our little bugger. 

Wearing a hat he made at school.

...and his first little tantrum. It was actually too cute. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

visits from around the world - lawrence

Our next visit this past week came from good ole' Lawrence, KS. Steve, Sarah, and Alex came to visit for three days and we were so excited to see them!

We had a great time with them as well - and we did two of the same things - but it was still great! When they arrived, Nathan went to hang out with Steve in Fells Point at Max's Tavern to catch up with each other. Since it was too late, T and I didn't head down there. The next day was a fun filled day of excitement! We started out the beautiful day with a trip to the Ft. McHenry national shrine. Did you know that the Star Spangled Banner was not written on Federal Hill, but in Ft. McHenry? We didn't either. There were also several versions of the song written and we saw the display of them all in the museum. Quite an interesting tour! We also got to see a little bit of the fort - which was beautiful. Tristan was getting antsy - no nap and hungry - so we had to leave to get him some "bites" as he would say. Sorry Sarah! (She wanted to explore more, but toddlers will make their own rules sometimes.)

We headed to Philips Seafood for lunch and then to the Baltimore aquarium again. This time it wasn't so crowded and we got to see a lot more of the exhibits than we did when Tina was here. We also did something special and went to the Dolphin Show! Tristan just sat there and ate his watermelon while watching the dolphins splash all around. 

After the trip, I took Tristan home for a nap and Nathan and the Miles headed to DC for the  Georgetown v. Notre Dame game - which they won 59-41! Go HOYAS! Since the game was late, T and I weren't able to make it to that either. But that's okay, T had a big day scheduled tomorrow with Daddy and the Miles in DC. They walked around for 3 hours looking at all of the sites - and thank goodness for a beautiful day! (I had to work).

We then headed to one of our favorite places in Baltimore for dinner at Amiccis! We dined on very bad for you, creamy, Italian food - but enjoyed every minute of it! My absolute favorite there is the rigatoni bolognese and the house salad...hmm, hmm, good. :) 

Of course we ordered the rotunda! 
After dinner we headed to their hotel to swim. Of course, I forgot my swimsuit and the video I sat and watched. But Tristan and Alex LOVED it! They had too much fun. On the way home, Tristan kept saying over and over, "Jumpin in the water." "I jumpin in the water." "Fun, fun, water" was adorable! 

Check out the pictures!
I'm Alex and I know it!

Beautiful family!

I'll just spread my legs....

Swimming with Daddy.

Let's go say hi to Mommy!

I'm swimming and I know it...

This was the fun part - throwing Tristan back and forth!

One, two, three!!


Again! Again! Again!


Steve wanted to show off his mad handstand skills....

Look at the little cutie posing! 
All in all, we enjoyed our time with them and were sad to see them go. Can't wait to see you in Scottsdale!