Wednesday, March 14, 2012

30 things i love about my husband

 1. That he cleans up the dishes or does the laundry without having to be asked.

 2. He is the smartest man I've ever met.

 3. He knows I love to cook and is always willing to try my new recipes that I make for dinner ~ without complaining once. (Although he did pull a brussel sprout out of a dish one time and said, "What is this?").

 4. His love for being educated about the world around him.

 5. The everlasting loyalty he has to his friends and family.

 6. He's always willing to try something new and exciting!

 7. He is sexy!

 8. No matter where I'm traveling or where he's traveling, he always makes a point to tell me he loves me  every. single. day.

 9. I can always feel the love he has for his family and friends each time he talks about them.

10. I love how he always tries to help me improve to be a better person.

11. He supports me in my all of my endeavors.

12. His ambition and drive to succeed ~ not only with work, but with his personal life.

13. He knows how to have fun and live life.

14. I think it's cute that he can't go one day without looking at jayhawkslant.

15. I love that he loves my friends and family.

16. The way he surprises me on a regular day with flowers.

17. He can tell some funny stories!

18. When he calls me every day to see how my day is going ~ he does this in spite of the many times I will talk his ear off about the day's events.

19. That he's willing to take family pictures when we go on vacations even though that's not his favorite thing to do.

20. He is the most wonderful, caring father I've ever met.

21. His everlasting love for the Jayhawks!

22. He is always thinking one step ahead to protect our family's financial future.

23. I love that he loves me for who I am without judging me for being imperfect.

24. I love when he takes turns with me so that I can sleep a little longer some mornings.

26. Even though he hates shopping (at the mall or the grocery store), he will always go with me if I ask him to and not complain once.

27. I love the way he rocks Tristan to sleep at night.

28. I love that even though he hates doing yard work, he will do it with me if I ask him to.

29. He is the most wonderful, caring husband I've ever met.

30. No matter what may come between us, I know that he will love me and our son unconditionally for the rest of his life.

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  1. Very nice list!! I'm not sure he ate the eggs bene with the green sauce that we had for dinner that night either... hahahaha. But he's still way above most men who won't try different foods or that complain about them. It's nice that he supports you in things that you don't "have to do", like going the extra mile on cooking new and healthy foods. :)