Thursday, March 15, 2012

b&o railroad

OH MY GOODNESS! Talk about a happy little boy! 

Nathan had been trying to plan a trip to the B&O Railroad Museum for over a month now ~ and last Sunday, we didn't have anything to do so we decided to head down there. I wasn't sure what to expect - except maybe a lot of large trains from many different time periods. Not only did this museum have old train cars, but they also had a play area for children called Choo Choo Blue  with many train sets, books, puzzles, and train mats for the children to play with. We also go to tour the old trains and learned all about the history of the B&O railroad - which by the way - I only knew to the extent of Monopoly. :)

After playing inside for awhile, we headed outside to another train play area. This one had a train track built up with an automatic train running through all of the trees and houses. Tristan could not believe his eyes. WOW! He kept saying. WOW! And when the train went around the large track and he couldn't see it anymore, he would say, "Where did it go?" and put his arms in the air indicating that he can't find the train. Nathan and I chuckled while watching him with his expressions. 

See the video below:


After that section, we headed to another play area where Tristan was able to play on playground type train equipment. He kept putting his head out the conductor's window and saying, "Bye, bye. Bye, bye." 
~ smiles ~

Apparently after April, we are able to go on a 25 minute train ride - which I bet Tristan cannot wait to do. There is also a little "roller coaster" type train for toddlers to ride as well. And, guess who's coming to visit on April 29th - Thomas!!! We already bought the tickets. 

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  1. I could never understand my ex-husband's obsession with trains until I started going to the museums. Glad you had fun! Crystal