Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Every night before Tristan goes to bed, we read him a book or two. Recently, there's been a book that he's more into that has a lot of different pictures and themes on each page. It's called "I Can Do It" and has a school theme, a dentist theme, a birthday party theme, a park theme, a swimming pool theme, a bathroom theme, and then a bedtime (bedroom) theme. The characters are all the monsters from Sesame Street with Elmo as the main character. Throughout the book we point to pictures and ask Tristan what each picture is so that he learns what the name of all the items that are in a house and what things around town are called. On the school themed pages, there is a Muppet who is dressed as an adult male with a bow tie and looks like he's the teacher for the kids. Tristan will point to him and say, "A Daddy?" I say, "Yes, he probably is a Daddy." Then I started noticing him doing the same thing with women. "A Mommy?" I realized that he was making the connection of "a Mommy" and "a Daddy" with a woman and a man - which I thought was an interesting approach to the comparison. When I realized this, I started explaining to him that Mommy is a woman and Daddy is a man.  Tristan is a boy and Chaya (his friend from school) is a girl. And when we look at the pictures in the book, I explain that the daddy is a man. He's catching on somewhat, but not all the way.......

Yesterday, Tristan and I were at Jason's Deli after school because I had picked him up much later than normal and it was now time for him to eat. Traffic was so bad right after I picked him up, that if I had taken the highway to get home, we would have had to sit in it for 30-45 minutes during his dinner time. No way. So I took a different route and intended on going to the park for a little bit, but realized he probably should eat something first. So we headed to Jason's Deli. After ordering, we sat down next to a beautiful family of four - a mother, father, son, and daughter. I ran out of the house so quickly to pick up Tristan, that I didn't put my wedding ring on, plus Nathan was out of town, so it was just me and Tristan - and I am sure I was looking like a single mother. 

I kept glancing over to the table mostly because I really liked the pasta that the little boy was eating and I wanted to ask them what it was, but didn't want to intrude. So I kept looking back and forth trying to decide if I should ask them. The mom would glance over at me as if to say, "What are you looking at?" I should have just asked them what kind of pasta that was because now Tristan is glancing over at the table and watching them as if he knows them too. Then he points to the father and yells really loud, "Daddy?!" I could only imagine what they were thinking....Tristan is saying that man is his daddy. I loudly say, "Yes, he is a daddy." Tristan continued to point and yell loudly for the entire restaurant to hear him, "Daddy!" "Daddy!" I'm sure mostly because he was so proud that he was able to categorize correctly. But not once did he say, "Mommy"....nope. Just "Daddy". Geez....Now the woman is glaring at me. Come on, Tristan looked NOTHING like that man. I quickly asked Tristan if he was ready to get his ice cream now and we left the store. I really hope that poor woman didn't make some false assumptions on the matter. And, I never did find out what kind of pasta that little boy was eating. 


  1. Let's test this theory when I see him in May lets hope I pass for a daddy. I'll bring my color friend and see if he calls him Thanks for sharing.