Wednesday, March 7, 2012

living and learning

Tristan has cognitively developed significantly over the last few months (at least it seems he has to us).  We cannot believe how much he talks, the sentences he puts together, knows how to count to 10, can do his ABC's up to H (by himself), his ability to have empathy for others, and even the ability to put together how the world works. Do you think I'm bragging? I'm not, promise I'm not. I just want to express (as this is our only child) how AMAZING it is to see him explore the world and learn from his surroundings. I don't know if this is normal, behind, or ahead for his age. All I know is that we LOVE watching him live, love, and learn in the world around him. 

With that being said, he still is not potty trained, won't sit down for circle time for more than 10 minutes, started dividing his food up on his plate yesterday, has had his first tantrum (on the floor - see below), and seems to need constant cognitive stimulation. I wonder where he gets that from....

We love our little bugger. 

Wearing a hat he made at school.

...and his first little tantrum. It was actually too cute. 

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