Friday, March 2, 2012

visits from around the world - lawrence

Our next visit this past week came from good ole' Lawrence, KS. Steve, Sarah, and Alex came to visit for three days and we were so excited to see them!

We had a great time with them as well - and we did two of the same things - but it was still great! When they arrived, Nathan went to hang out with Steve in Fells Point at Max's Tavern to catch up with each other. Since it was too late, T and I didn't head down there. The next day was a fun filled day of excitement! We started out the beautiful day with a trip to the Ft. McHenry national shrine. Did you know that the Star Spangled Banner was not written on Federal Hill, but in Ft. McHenry? We didn't either. There were also several versions of the song written and we saw the display of them all in the museum. Quite an interesting tour! We also got to see a little bit of the fort - which was beautiful. Tristan was getting antsy - no nap and hungry - so we had to leave to get him some "bites" as he would say. Sorry Sarah! (She wanted to explore more, but toddlers will make their own rules sometimes.)

We headed to Philips Seafood for lunch and then to the Baltimore aquarium again. This time it wasn't so crowded and we got to see a lot more of the exhibits than we did when Tina was here. We also did something special and went to the Dolphin Show! Tristan just sat there and ate his watermelon while watching the dolphins splash all around. 

After the trip, I took Tristan home for a nap and Nathan and the Miles headed to DC for the  Georgetown v. Notre Dame game - which they won 59-41! Go HOYAS! Since the game was late, T and I weren't able to make it to that either. But that's okay, T had a big day scheduled tomorrow with Daddy and the Miles in DC. They walked around for 3 hours looking at all of the sites - and thank goodness for a beautiful day! (I had to work).

We then headed to one of our favorite places in Baltimore for dinner at Amiccis! We dined on very bad for you, creamy, Italian food - but enjoyed every minute of it! My absolute favorite there is the rigatoni bolognese and the house salad...hmm, hmm, good. :) 

Of course we ordered the rotunda! 
After dinner we headed to their hotel to swim. Of course, I forgot my swimsuit and the video I sat and watched. But Tristan and Alex LOVED it! They had too much fun. On the way home, Tristan kept saying over and over, "Jumpin in the water." "I jumpin in the water." "Fun, fun, water" was adorable! 

Check out the pictures!
I'm Alex and I know it!

Beautiful family!

I'll just spread my legs....

Swimming with Daddy.

Let's go say hi to Mommy!

I'm swimming and I know it...

This was the fun part - throwing Tristan back and forth!

One, two, three!!


Again! Again! Again!


Steve wanted to show off his mad handstand skills....

Look at the little cutie posing! 
All in all, we enjoyed our time with them and were sad to see them go. Can't wait to see you in Scottsdale! 


  1. I knew the Star Spangled Banner was written at Ft. McHenry! I haven't been in years though, I would love to go back! Sounds like a great time! Your son is so handsome!