Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter with the miles

It's never a bad time when we spend our time with the Miles' clan. Nathan had a work convention the week after Easter, so we planned a little vacation around the trip. I took a week off of work and Steve, Sarah, and Alex met us out in Phoenix, AZ for a fun filled trip!

We decided to stay at the JW Marriott instead of Nathan's "work preferred" location for the weekend before he had to be at his convention. This place was gorgeous! It had a lazy river, a beautiful view from the room, and even an Easter hunt all set up for the kids on Easter morning.

We arrived at noon on Saturday ready to swim! Tristan loved the water!! It was very nice too....not too hot and not humid at all. The only sad thing is that we were trying to time Tristan's naps and bed times as best as possible so that he still was able to get them and we would still be able to meet up with the Miles for dinner, etc. But being on a 3 hour time difference...this was quite difficult to do. Saturday around 5:30pm, Tristan fell asleep on the bed in the room.

Look at that precious little boy. So pooped!

Nathan went down to meet the Miles for dinner at around 6pm with hopes that I would be able to wake Tristan and join them. No such luck. He was so tired that he was mad when I tried to wake him up! So I decided I would stay there and let him sleep his normal schedule so he wouldn't be grouchy in the morning.

Tristan's Easter basket that we gave him the day before we left.

Full of toys and a few pieces of smarties candy hidden in the eggs. 

The next day, Tristan woke up at 4:40am all ready to go. Yea for us! So we got up and entertained him with some DVD TV (that's what he calls his DVD shows) and fed him breakfast. We also spent some time playing by the fountain and posing for some lovely Easter pictures before the Easter breakfast buffet opened up.

Trying to get a good picture for Easter.

He won't smile for anything!

By the time the Easter brunch opened up, we had already registered him for the hunt and sat down to eat. The Miles were still sleeping and decided not to join us for breakfast or the hunt. Here's a picture of him and Nathan right before the hunt:

Then we ran into the Easter Bunny-type lady......Scary! Tristan didn't even want to go near her! I'm not sure many children even did.

The hunt went well and Tristan had a good time collecting the eggs. Of course he didn't see any value in anything inside the eggs, but it was fun, nonetheless. Check out the video below:

The rest of the trip with the Miles was filled with pool time between nap time, an attempt to have dinner at a regular time with the Miles at the Sandbar Mexican Grill off site from the resort, and a final lunch with the Miles before they headed off back to KS. I wasn't able to enjoy late night hang out time with the Miles since Tristan went to bed right after the Sandbar dinner....but it was good to hang out with the them when I was able to!! We attempted a final lunch in Tempe with the Miles clan at a really cool brewery ~ but it was during Tristan's nap time and he had just fallen asleep right before we got there. I woke him up in hopes that he would be okay through lunch.....but he wasn't and we ended up having to box up our food and let the Miles finish their meal in peace. I guess that's what I get when I try to alter my son's set schedule. :)

Here are some other pictures from the trip with the Miles:

Daddy swimming with Tristan.

Alex all pooped out after a morning of swimming and sun.

Now I'm ready to play!!

We continued the trip and moved onto the Westin Keirland Resort and Spa where Nathan's convention was being held. I can't say that I was very fond of this resort since I just came from the fabulous JW....but it was fine. More pictures and stories to come for the rest of the trip with just Tristan and I!!

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