Wednesday, April 11, 2012

elmo's super hero visit

We took Tristan to see Elmo's Super Heros live in Delaware....hmmm.....I thought it would be more interesting, but honestly, I was bored!! I hate saying that, but it's true. Tristan loved it though. We were 10 rows back and he kept wanting to get up and dance and kick the person's chair who was right in front of us. :(  

And, obviously, there were SO many kids many. So many...really. I'm not kidding. It was a like a playground for kids 3 and under ~ and the occasional 6 year old here and there. Oh my goodness.....there was not a silent moment the entire time we watched the show. There was always some kid crying about something ~ including mine. Yowzers! I'm sure that's why it's not good to bring a 22 month old to the movie theatre too....I'm glad I understand why now. All in all, it was entertaining for Tristan and that's all that matters. 

Here are some pics:

Getting ready for the big show!

It's Bert and Ernie!

He was in awe!! He couldn't believe what he saw, lol. 

....and Big Bird!!

Cookie Monster!


....a pose for the end of the show! Yea! You did great Tristan!!!

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