Monday, April 23, 2012

loving my friends

I wouldn't say that having to go to San Antonio for work last week was the worst thing in the world.....Nope, I would say it was a pretty awesome because of the proximity to some of my closest friends in Corpus Christi. That's right, two hours away from San Antonio rests a wonderful town that I try to visit once a year to see my best friend and her family and friends. Once I realized I was going to be in San Antonio, I asked Nathan if he cared if I stayed another day so that I could visit them....of course this was going to be rough and tough due to the extra night Nathan would be with Tristan by himself - but come on, I do it all the time when Nathan's away from work. Or maybe it will be rough and tough because my flight would get in on Saturday afternoon at 230 and I would have to head straight to Tristan's first birthday party he was invited to.....then I thought, oh well, I don't get to see Danica and her family that much, I'm already here, I might as well make the effort because we only live once, right? 

For anyone who knows me, I don't have regrets. I have lessons learned, but not regrets. Even when I make the worst mistake in the world, I don't regret that I did it, I just learn from it and move on. I like who I am today - it's taken a lot to build me into a strong, caring person and if I would sit back and regret all of the bad decisions I have made in my life, I wouldn't have changed and I wouldn't have evolved into who I am today. I would have sat there and sulked and pouted and vowed to not do anything different. But I'm not like that, so I don't ponder on regrets. I just don't want to have regrets. So if an opportunity like this comes up and we all can work to make it happen, I will jump right on board and suffer any side consequences for making this decision to stay an extra day to see those I love and care about. Glad I did too.....We had a great time together!!

I headed to Corpus from San Antonio and arrived about noon. Danica stated she and Serynn were at the mall playing in the play area, so I headed there to meet them. Serynn was so happy to see me (remember, she's only seen me three times outside of Skype - when they came to visit after T was born, when I went to help throw the bridal shower 6 weeks later, and at Danica's wedding.)  But she was nervous and excited all the same and didn't hesitate to run up and give me the most wonderful hug ever. This is what I love about Danica. We've ALWAYS lived apart, so we know nothing different than making sure to stay in contact. And that also means going through pictures and naming all the people we love in our lives to our children so that our children learn them even when we can't be there every. single. day. 

Man it was chilly today! Why did I think the sunny illusion of Texas was going to last all week? me and my tank couldn't wait to get back to Danica's to put Serynn down for a nap so that I could put on a sweater, lol. We had a good chat while Serynn was sleeping and then decided we needed some Starbucks - go figure right? But we had to pick up B from school and that's when the day just. got. hectic. 

B's school was having a fair that night from 5-8:30 to help raise money for the school. Danica is the classroom parent and was in charge of the Lego basket for auction - with no direction from others, mind you. So when we picked up B, we were asked to run and pick up a basket and tissue paper and then meet her back in 45 minutes to put it together before everyone shows up for the fair. We manage this task (even making the much needed stop to Starbucks and getting lost walking back and forth to Target to find Danica).....You see, her dad had just been released from knee replacement surgery and she had to pick up and deliver his meds too....oh, and the storm clouds are rolling in fast. 

B keeps saying, "Great, it's going to be cancelled and I've never missed an Athenafair!" Automatic negativity...we kept reminding him that it will be okay as we head back to the school to deliver the basket for set up. Down starts the rain!!! Pouring and pouring.  The school door is locked, we need to find a janitor, get into the room, put together the basket, and print off the label for the basket. All was accomplished and it stopped raining (yea!) for the kiddos to enjoy the evening of moon bounces, face painting, hair painting, music, silly string, clown-making balloon animals, and cake walk galore. Oh ya, and I indulged in a Frito pie - for sheezey (which I realized what the real meaning of what that meant, ha!). I did come out of this fair having high aspirations to be a PTA President though when T starts elementary school ~ and ~ simply for the up front parking spot that only the PTA President gets. Uh, huh. I would totally do it for the parking spot. :)

Okay, okay, enough of the day's activities, here are some pics of the kiddos at the fair (below):

My buddy for sure!

Such a doll! Look at the cute smile!!

Getting her hair painted!

Smile for me! XOXO

So after taking care of Danica's father and getting B all ready to take care of Mike for the night with this meds, etc, we headed back to the house to find Mickey, Jimbo, Shannan, and Teri all sitting there waiting for us!! It was a long night of fun, serious talks, crazy talks, baby talks, our loves (our children) talks, friendship talks, drink talks, and "planning visits back" talks. Oh, I just love the time on the porch at Danica's house at night!! I wish I could make that more of a routine for us ~ But it certainly makes us enjoy the time we do have together ~ for sheezey (Okay, I couldn't help it).

Anyway, regardless....we stayed up way too late, I caught an early flight back, jumped in the car and headed straight to T's first birthday party that he'd ever been invited to. It was hot, but it was fun at for him. The foam pit where the students do flips and twists into, was Tristan's favorite place to play. That as well as the extended trampoline for multiple back handsprings....oh what memories being at gymnastics brought back for me. We spoke with the party director and we think we are going to make the switch to this place in the fall for Tristan to become more advanced in gymnastics than what My Gym can offer. Go Columbia Gymnastics!! What a long week, I was so glad to be home. :)

Oh ya, I also cleared one more thing off of my bucket list - the Alamo in San Antonio that's located along the Riverwalk!

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