Monday, April 16, 2012

scottsdale fun

Among the many things we did while on our trip to Scottsdale, Tristan and I had plenty of fun while daddy was working at his convention. Let's see....we went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix, the Hall of Flame,  the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, watched the movie Lorax, went for plenty of ice cream trips while playing in the fountain, went to the mall, ate sushi, and played at the Cactus Park. His schedule was so "messed up" from the three hour time difference....I tried to keep him on his schedule, cut things close too many times, and then he wouldn't want to sleep when we came back to the room....It was kind of hard to get him to sleep when I have to stay in the room with him.

"Mommy?" He'd pop his head up in the crib. "Lay down," I'd say. Thirty seconds would go by...."Mommy" popping his head up and laughing. "Lay down." Over and over again until I realized he was never going to sleep...the little bugger makes me laugh....At least I was able to think of one million things to keep him entertained. :)

Video swimming with Daddy.

I heard T grunt while I was in the bathroom getting ready...I said are you okay? He said, "I'm fine." I walked over to him and this is what I saw.....

Eating frozen yogurt while Mommy is grocery shopping for food for  the week.

Wow....a fountain.

I will try to touch it....

All the people said "OH" when he threw his hat in. I laughed...he was putting on a show for everyone.

Running back from getting his hat all wet.

Relaxing with ice cream after the run in the fountain.

Preparing to throw his pennies.


Counting the pennies.

Dancing on the bed to his Thomas songs...

His first movie - The Lorax! Such a great message too. :)

And...Daddy at work. :)

As the airplane was taking off, Tristan looked out the window and said, "Bye, bye tee-nix." ( case you were wondering.)

Playing with the iPad on the plane ride back. 

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