Monday, May 14, 2012

christine's birthday night

What's more fun that a bunch of girls (including Jarrett) out on a Friday night? Being out on a Friday night for Christine's birthday!! Woot! Woot! After their dinner at La Parrilla, Sarah and I met the group out for some drinks. We hit the Sandbar and then later the Taproom.....Oh and I finally got to meet Josh....he's such a sweetie!  Check out the pics.

An attempt at a "good" group picture....where's Christine?

Lovely ladies!

Brea showing off her moves!

These are the drinks they were serving ~ the rubber ducks had
graduation hats on them! Clever!

My little sis.

Still dancing?

Mom's enjoying her beverage....Smiles!

Who's the skinny man? It's Daniel!

Getting a little crazy there Sarah!

Holly and Jamie hanging out.

I'm trying to get a picture with you!!!

Wait. What about this pose?

Or this one?

Bad picture ~ but oh so cool. Sarah doing her new dance move
and Christine and Brea trying to copy!

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