Tuesday, May 15, 2012

fritz's railroad restaurant

Have you ever heard three 2 year olds squeal at the sight of trains? I have, and it's pretty awesome. Every time the trains delivered food to another table, they squealed so loud that everyone in the restaurant could hear them! Cousins? I think so. Yep, they definitely are.  

Riding the train with Colton!

After dinner, we took the kids to the playground nearby to play together. Amy asked, "Do you not hold Tristan to his East Coast bed time anymore?" I said, "Of course we do. But sometimes you have to make exceptions so that he can get to know his cousins and family better." It's important for us that Tristan knows all of his family ~ especially since it's so hard to do frequently with being so far away. You have to make the most of the time you have! XOXO

Peek a boo

Looking at the ants with Gideon.

Aunt Tara and Colton cuddling.

Chasing each other.


Let's play Aunt Tara!

What is it?


Where did the bird go?

Daddy and little T wrestling.


Look at all those cuties with Uncle Nathan/Daddy!

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