Tuesday, May 1, 2012

they're two, they're four, they're six........

On the island of Sodor, Thomas was preparing for a day with his many fans.....

I can actually hear the narrator saying that line. Wow, what an amazing day for little T! As we walked up to the B&O railway station to hand them our "Day Out with Thomas" tickets, Thomas came chooing along on the railway into SteamWorks. Ha! (Had to say that). Tristan was in AMAZEMENT. He seriously looked like he saw a celebrity ~ he could not believe his eyes. There was Thomas! 

(Despite how Nathan will tell you how I reacted to it. Hey, in my defense I didn't know that Thomas was actually going to be chooing along the tracks. I thought he was just going to sit there and have the kids take pictures with him. So I may have gotten a little choked up myself because it was just too darn cute!)

Look! It's the conductor!

 Taking tickets on the Thomas train!

It's Sir Topham Hat!


Daddy and T on the train....he doesn't look too excited....

It's Choo Choo Blue!

 Having fun!

Trying to get a pic with Thomas....

Tristan hanging in the Thomas tent.

Absolutely adorable! I'm so glad he had so much fun with Thomas!

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