Wednesday, July 25, 2012

new gymnastics academy

Tristan started his new gymnastics academy last week. He was super rambunctious and had so much energy! Needless to say, he had a great nap!  Danica and I took Serynn and Tristan while the boys went golfing that morning. Grandma and Grandpa Davis surprised us by popping in to watch him too! 

Serynn carefully walking across the balance beam.



Trying to convince him to jump in.

Serynn and I helping Tristan to walk on the balance beam.

swim fun with the family


Being playful with Grandma, Daniel, and Jamie


Daniel and Jamie

Finally decided to swim with his floaties....

My mom and I!

Nathan giving Serynn the legal lowdown on why it would be more effective for her to swim in the pool as opposed to stand in it. :) 
Mickey's "serious" face

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

grilling and fun

With some help from Aunt Naca, we were able to capture some pics from Saturday night's BBQ and park fun!! All of Danica's friends from Kansas gathered at our house for a good time with kids, family, and fun!

Having fun together!

The boys attempting to grill ribs.....

Slip and slide!

Swinging with Grandma

Can you hear me? (SHREIKINGLY)

Still swinging....I had to make remove him from it because he just loved it so much!

"Skateboarding" on the slide with Uncle Daniel!

Swinging together!

Mommy and Tristan


Serynn was licking Braedon and he said, "Ewe, I don't want your DNA on me!" Serynn quickly retorted, "I. DO. NOT. HAVE. DNA!" Hahaha.

Mickey said, "Hasta Luego" as he left. Serynn shouted, "Oh no! Daddy's stealing the Lego's!"

These were just a few of the funny moments with the Kramallers.....Check out the pics from a fun weekend visit. 

Bailey, Serynn, and Tristan waiting at First Watch

Hanging out watching the iPad together

So this is where it starts....

The boys watching a baseball game

Riding bikes

I stepped in a mud puddle and Danica thought it was funny....

Playing together


Drawing at the dinner table.

Justin and Braedon competing off of free play.

Jumping on the air mattress!

So cute!

Come on Serynn!

Enjoying Orange Leaf after a hot day


So cute....

Such good friends

Mickey to stop them at the end of the street. Adorable!

fun with braedon

Here's some pics from my fantastic week spent with Braedon! I am so glad he was able to spend some time with me this summer!!

A Monday night T-bones game

Helping Tristan make a basket


Helping Tristan with soccer practice

Playing the iPad with popcorn

Swinging with Justin

Bowling with Justin


Can't wait until next year!!