Tuesday, July 10, 2012

fourth of july fun

Fourth of July started off with a bang - two little boys up way too early after four big adults stayed up way too late....But regardless, we still had a great time.  The mishap of Bloomington Beach only set us back monetarily, not mentally or emotionally. The sand on the beach was raging hot, the water was super cold, and the boys enjoyed their time playing in the sand and skipping nap time! (That was not because we wanted them to, mind you).  Here are some pics of fun in the sun!

My cool new glasses from Aunt Kelly

So cute!

Colton was thirsty!

And we ended the night at church having good food, playing on the water slides, and watching the fireworks! Tristan stayed up way too late and was a bit grumpy the next day (first time off the schedule on purpose), but we managed and it was worth it for him to see the fireworks for the first time!!

He kept running back and forth filling his hat with water from the pools.

Sitting with Daddy

It's bright and loud!

Crystal and I posin'.


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