Monday, July 16, 2012

friday the 13th in corpus

I wanted to have Braedon visit with us for a week, but he was a little nervous about flying by himself. So Danica and I conjured up a plan to have me fly to Corpus and then drive B-man back to Kansas. Danica would then bring her family down the following weekend to pick up Braedon and stay for a few days. What a great plan, right?

I start off the day by flying out of MCI to Texas with a layover in Houston. Unfortunately, we were circling Hobby airport for forty minutes when the captain said that due to the weather, we can't land there and we will go onto Corpus to fuel up and head back. Great! Works out for me. I just had to wait to see if they would open the doors and then I would have diverted a layover in Hobby, as well as my first EVER direct flight to CRP from anywhere other than Hobby. Sweet - they let me off. My Friday the 13th wasn't starting off too bad!

The weekend was filled with a little bit of Asian cuisine, shopping at the mall, hanging out with friends, and even a surprise dinner with a birthday cake! (Teri and Danica always find a way to sneak a surprise cake into my visits with them ~ they are too thoughtful). Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Wearing Serynn's wings at the Post Office.

Serynn and I posing with the PF Chang's horse

Here's the cute birthday cake!!


Packing to leave ~ smiles and all ~

Already watching movies for the 13 hour drive.....

Pit stop at Starbucks for some caffeine for me and a no coffee frappacino for B-man.

Origami helped to keep B-man entertained. He even made Wolverine claws!
And B-man's famous last words..."I will not be sleeping at all during the drive." 
Fourteen hours later, we made it safely to Kansas. Braedon was so excited (and probably had so much extra sleep) that he took a while to wind down to sleep last night. The week ahead will include acitivities and fun with his Kansas friends ~ with Justin sleeping over every. single. night. He thought the excitement was too much to sleep? Just wait to see what the week ahead holds for him! XOXO

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