Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Serynn was licking Braedon and he said, "Ewe, I don't want your DNA on me!" Serynn quickly retorted, "I. DO. NOT. HAVE. DNA!" Hahaha.

Mickey said, "Hasta Luego" as he left. Serynn shouted, "Oh no! Daddy's stealing the Lego's!"

These were just a few of the funny moments with the Kramallers.....Check out the pics from a fun weekend visit. 

Bailey, Serynn, and Tristan waiting at First Watch

Hanging out watching the iPad together

So this is where it starts....

The boys watching a baseball game

Riding bikes

I stepped in a mud puddle and Danica thought it was funny....

Playing together


Drawing at the dinner table.

Justin and Braedon competing off of free play.

Jumping on the air mattress!

So cute!

Come on Serynn!

Enjoying Orange Leaf after a hot day


So cute....

Such good friends

Mickey to stop them at the end of the street. Adorable!

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