Friday, July 13, 2012

random acts of kindness

When I heard about this story, it literally brought me to tears. I don't know this person, but wish I had. For someone to want to do something so nice, yet so random, is so endearing. We need more people like him in this world.  People who are not selfish and are want the world to be better just by making another person's day. People who want to make another person smile. People who just randomly act kind to others. I'm going to donate a few dollars to help out this campaign, and I hope you will too. Here's the link: Aaron Collins Random Act of Kindness

If you cannot, please try to do a random act of kindness for someone else. Here are 25 examples:

 1. Call your mother just to tell her you love her.
 2. Bring some extra groceries to the food bank. 
 3. Compliment someone.
 4. Give your neighbors some cookies or baked goods.
 5. Invite a friend to dinner.
 6. Fill an expired parking meter. 
 7. Listen when you ask someone how they are doing.
 8. Donate clothes to someone in need. Goodwill
 9. Donate diapers to a local diaper bank. Help A Mother Out
10. Donate shoes for little children in need. Soles4Souls
11. Take a niece or nephew for ice cream.
12. Pay a bill for a friend in need.
13. Pay for the person's food behind you in a drive thru. 
14. Send a clean joke to your co-worker.
15. Read a child a book.
16. Put $5 in a random gas pump.
17. Adopt a pet - or donate pet food/supplies to a local shelter.
18. Send a friend an old photo with a letter regarding the memory of it.
19. Prepare a breakfast to go for the mailman, trash man, or construction person working in your neighborhood.
20. Be polite when driving. 
21. Hold the elevator, please.
22. Make time.
23. Always say I love you.
24. Give your waiter a huge tip. 
25. Smile. :)

Thank you Aaron for your good will. Let's all pass it on. Click here to donate to his site: Donate here for Aaron

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