Thursday, August 16, 2012

hilton head

Five women, golf, the sun, boating, and alcohol turns into T.R.O.U.B.L.E.  Our first annual girls trip to Hilton Head was a blast! The first night Danica met me in Baltimore since there were no direct flights from Corpus and we headed to the new casino with Maria to have some fun!

Amy and Laura had a grand idea to start off the trip with some pics in the cockpit...

they got a head start

the captain just loved us

We started out the first night exploring the marina right next to our resort, staying up a little too late.....Jamie headed to bed at like 7pm ~ happy to be able to sleep! While Danica, Laura, Amy, and I sat around and chatted about everything under the sun. The first night ended with a crazy escapade through the marina, hopping from yachts to motor boats, enjoying the new found freedom of a girl's weekend away. Little did we know that there was a posted sign for no trespassing...

such a goof

now we see the sign....

walking the beaches of hilton head island

my henna tattoo....

After our little escapade, we hopped the fence to go swimming after hours, only to find out that we could have just used our code because there really wasn't any "after hours". Laura threw down some Coors Light cans from our room and Amy and I indulged in a late night drink and swim.

gators were everywhere...

cooking and fun in the sun



all smiles



fake smilin'

loving the water

The next day was quite relaxing as we walked the area, shopped, and sat on rockers for hours while observing the other tourists and indulging in a few bloody mary's. We headed back to the resort to enjoy some grilling by the pool and relaxing in the sun. The night ended with some more much needed girl talk ~ only to stay up a little too late once again. Danica, Laura, and I posed near the chess set by the pool and took a few pictures pretending to be the cheerleaders we were in high school. I don't know why I cannot find those pictures.....hmmmm.


.....and drinkin'

Our last full day here..where did the time go? We didn't care, we just wanted to relax and sat around watching movies until about 4pm until we realized we should do a little more shopping, a little more drinking, and a little more relaxing poolside. Once again, staying up late, loving every minute of our girl time and bonding like never before. I. can. not. wait. until. next. year. Can you? Some takeaways from the trip....

And the boys had fun playing at home by visiting the museum.

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