Thursday, August 30, 2012

my sweet nephew alex

My nephew Alex stayed over last weekend. We had so much fun at Lego Land in KC and Fritz's Railroad Diner for lunch! Check out the pictures!

Alex showing me his picture for his game.

Getting his stamps at the stamp station.

Look at all those legos!

Uncle Nate and Alex watching a 4D movie.

Posin' at Fritz's.

More funny faces....

I'm Allllleeeexxx!

Funny faces

Daddy and T. He saw that Daddy got a shake and he got a milk. So he took Daddy's and
said, that's Tristan's, this is Daddy's (as he hands Daddy the milk). 

Weighing himself in lego weight.

Height in legos!

Lego height!

Shooting dragons on the ride with Alex!

Playing in the fireman tunnel.

The Chiefs stadium in legos!

I'm sexy and I know it.

Emerald City out of Legos.