Sunday, September 16, 2012


Patriots. Sam Adams. Shocktop. Clam Chowder. Harvard. The Sox. Beantown. Boston.

We arrived in Boston for Nathan's knee surgery last Wednesday evening in just enough time to make it to the resort which was centered in the heart of Patriot Stadium and shopping in Foxborough, MA. Tired from working and traveling, we headed to the bar at the hotel and indulged in some Sam Adam's and Shocktop brews while eating a steak, green pepper, and Gorgonzola cheese fire roasted flat bread. We attempted to watch Avengers in the room, but fell asleep just after we started it. 

Nathan's hello text to Tristan since we wouldn't be able to talk to him before  he went to bed. 

Our. 9th. Anniversary. 

We lounged around for a few hours in the morning catching up on work stuff and then headed to the Natick Mall to exchange some items and buy a few unnecessary items. :) Look at these beauties I longed for:

Next we headed to Nathan's MRI appointment in preparation for the next day's surgery. Once we completed that, we headed to our class ~ ON. CAMPUS. That was exciting to actually be able to do. So naturally, we had to pose for some pics. 

After talking to Tristan and giving him goodnight kisses through the phone, we sent him this picture so that he would remember who we were. ;)

Afterwards, we headed to the local brewery on Harvard Square and had the local food along with some good beer. While this wasn't the traditional anniversary dinner out, it definitely was fun to be able to go to one of our classes on Harvard Campus!!

Surgery Day

Nothing out of the ordinary here...we headed to the hospital, prepped Nathan for surgery and I eagerly waited for Dr. Minus to come and tell me all was well. ....and of course it was.  Nathan was a little disoriented when he woke up, but he was able to immediately bend his knee since they didn't do the surgery like they had in the past (didn't cut above his patella). We headed back to the hotel and relaxed for several hours before dinner. Nathan was fine to get up and move around, so we headed to this really cool Mexican restaurant where we dined on lobster guacamole and had an excellent view. They even gave us iPads to order from instead of menus!

All smiles!

Such a cool idea!

The yummy steak tacos I had for dinner!

The yummy lobster guacamole!

Our view!

Thank You.

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers during this hectic trip to Boston. Thank you to Aunt B and Uncle D for helping out with Tristan while we were away. It made it so much easier for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Hopefully good things will come from this surgery so we don't have to go back ~ at least for a doctor visit. XOXO

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