Tuesday, September 4, 2012

bring forth thy grin and wear it

We've taken Tristan to the Renaissance Festival every year since he was born and he's always enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to Rosa and Justin for starting the tradition! We were not able to attend with them this year since we moved out of state and instead went with my mom, Jamie, Justin, and Daniel and had a great time again! Perhaps Rosa, Justin, and Alena can join us next year....?

Checking out the dragon fountain with Grandma!


I got my pickle!

Hot enough for a slushie!



Look! I can work here too!

Getting his dragon tattoo (closing his eyes and concentrating).

So fun!

Daddy wanted to ride too!

Where'd they go?

Throwing balls into the fish tank.

...and not obeying the foul line. 

Finding the bell to ring in the maze with Justin.

Justin on the trampoline.

Look how high Tristan is!! He loved it!

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