Tuesday, September 11, 2012

village west winefest

Another year of fun at the Wine Festival.  Thankfully Aunt Amy and Uncle Sterling were able to have Tristan stay the night with Colton so we could attend this year. :)  

Good food, good wine, good beer, and great friends!   My camera died once we arrived, but I was still able to get some pictures with my cell phone (they aren't the best quality). Enjoy!

$6000 ice sculpture that Steve helped with....

John getting a little VIP treatment

My new favorite pizza -  Chiusano's Pizza

Bryan and Buck announcing the winners....did we win?

Nope...not this time!

Of course there was beer!

...and fireworks.

My stud of a husband.

dancin' and drinkin'

So adorable!

....sponsored in part by Steve and Bryan's bar ~  Bottle 12

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