Tuesday, October 23, 2012

braedon's birthday bash


A weekend trip down to Corpus Christi was a surprise for Braedon as we arrived...and a surprise for Justin before we left. These two became good friends over the summer and live so far apart, that bringing them back together again to celebrate Braedon's birthday, was so much fun to do for them. Plus, Justin kept saying this past summer how he would love to go to Texas - so it worked out perfectly. What a wonderful trip, as always. Take a look at some of the pictures we captured!

The way Justin slept in the car.

First time at the beach!

The boys enjoyed the little time we spent there splashing in the waves.

A less cautious than he had been previously at the Dominican.

Love this.

These two just adore each other!
Time to cool down!

The birthday cake!

Spider Oreos....

Looking cute...

The party van!



I'm pretty sure he looks straight out of the 70's here with all his hair blowing...

Black and white and orange...

Helping Violet ride the bike (the dog).

They were so cute doing this!

Ready to blow out his candles.

Opening presents!

We found a mustache and played some games....

Naturally looks like him. 


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