Monday, October 22, 2012

gordon ramsay

Nathan and I area a little obsessed with Gordon Ramsay and his show Hell's Kitchen. Anyone we ever talk to about him always say, "We don't like him. He's rude. He's an ass."  It's so funny, but it's so consistent among people when we talk about him....but regardless we love him and we love watching his show. His famous beef wellington always gets screwed up when the contestants are competing to be the head chef at his new restaurant. Well, it just so happens that his restaurant just opened up in Vegas at the Paris Hotel and Casino called Gordon Ramsay Steak - right before we arrived for Daniel's wedding! We made reservations and were so very excited to eat there! They even had the famous beef wellington on the menu and you can order your drinks off of the iPad. 

We walked out of the hotel to hail a cab and this limo driver asks where we are going. We said Paris Hotel....okay, I can take you for $15 if you want. Um, hell ya! $15 for a ride in a limo when a cab costs about $12....I'm pretty sure that was us being in the right place at the right time. 

When we arrive, we meet Daniel and Jamie outside the restaurant prior to our reservation just to say hi as they were off to their prior engagement with Jamie's friend Tava. After we checked in, the hostess took us through the restaurant and pointed out the exquisite art hanging from the ceiling and stated that they were the "hand motions of Gordon when he makes his beef wellington", weird, but okay. It still looks nice. 

I just take the worst pictures!

See the red lines above? Those are the beef wellington art, lol.

So we take a seat and have an awesome waiter. I asked him if Christina from Season 10 was working there yet. I explained how Nathan and I never missed a show and we loved it so much. How we'd always wanted to eat at one of his restaurants and it so happened that there was a new one in Vegas when we were in town. (Yes, I was rambling.) Anyway, he says, "I think they were both here earlier for a meeting - Gordon and Christina." Wow, that's cool. Anyway, I went onto order and we had great conversation with Taylor, Nathan, and my mom while drinking good wine. Finally our food was served and it was so good! My mom and Nathan both got the beef wellington, I got Alaskan Crab Legs, and Taylor got some kind of sliders - I don't really remember what kind. We were all really impressed with the food though. 

Then the waiter comes over and says, "Hey, Christina wanted to say hi!". I turned and about had a cow. I was so surprised she chose to come to our table and say hi to me and the rest of the group. I say me because she was talking directly to me the entire time. She explained how she's hoping to take over Vegas entirely with Gordon and how she's so excited...I was a little overwhelmed since I really hadn't had anything planned to say to her. Then she leaves and we just talk about how cool that was. Now out comes Gordon Ramsay. He didn't come to our table - but he was right there in front of us. 

The waiter got a really good tip. We all agreed that this was one of the best nights we'd had in a long time. XOXO

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