Wednesday, October 10, 2012

kaw valley farm tour

Every year Aunt B and Uncle D take their kids on the Kaw Valley Farm Tour. $10 to load up all you can into one car and you drive around visiting all the farms on the map. This year Aunt B invited us to tag along (obviously in a separate car).  Here were all the fun events!!

Hanging out in the corn.

Ooo! It scared me!

Our Thanksgiving turkey is pre-orderd and in there somewhere!

Ahhh, hugs!

Sling shot eggplant!

Happy about a train ride!


He had to stop and watch the train go by.

Daddy making a bird feeder with Crisco and seeds. (Yes, I feel sorry for them with the Crisco.)


Loved the trikes!

Jumping with Daddy.

Loving Mommy.

Our Family!

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